The cast

I've finally found out how to add a page! It's only taken six months.
This will be a brief summary of family members and significant others who appear in this blog. Obviously I wont get this completed tonight, it will be an on-going project. So, in no particular order, these are some of my family, friends and significant others (Ex partners).
I will try to keep each description short. 

Stropster -  Sixteen year old Son

On the whole a good lad. He wasn't over enthusiastic at school but secured himself a three year apprenticeship in mechanics/diagnostics at a local garage with one day a week at college. He has wanted to be a mechanic since he was three! He works hard and takes his responsibilities seriously.
A sociable, confident and well liked lad, who makes small talk at ease and smiles a lot.  A bit lot like his Dad. Ahh I'm starting to feel quite proud of him here . . .
He can also be  very "stroppy"  . . . usually when he comes in from work, hungry and tired.  He can "flare up" very fast during this hour of "adjusting time" and although he's always sorry later . . . has said some very hurtful stuff. He needs to learn to control his tongue and temper  . . . Rather like his Dad . . . Or maybe I need to learn to dodge the arrows.
Our relationship seems to be improving daily at the moment. He is counting down the days to his 17th birthday to have a driving lesson.

Stropster's Dad -  Age 55, Captain Sparrow (Relationship March 16th 1994 - October 1994) Friendship ongoing.

A sociable "character" who settled down locally when Stropster was born, after travelling for many years on the canals. From a tough, fighting and drinking background where men don't cry or discuss emotions. Still a drinker today and probably always will be. He was totally loyal and trustworthy during our relationship. Stropster sees him often during the week and gets on well with him as long as they don't disagree. He talks a lot and is very set in his opinions. He also laughs a lot, gives a lot and does his best to hide a gentle, hurting soul. He lost his first Son who was 18 to Muscular Dystrophy. He thinks the world of Stropster.

Geekster -  Thirteen year old Son

A true eccentric. Has never followed the crowd, he thinks nothing of wearing florescent pink leg warmers over his trackie bottoms. In fact his favorite colour was hot pink for many years. He had hot pink velvet pj's for a few years . . . I know, I did wonder. Having checked the "history" on his laptop though I discovered he's hetero . . . not that I would've minded. I'm just curious nosy. He excels at school. Math, ICT and Science are his strongest subjects, but he sails through everything. A lot of intellect, no common sense . . . Sunday night I went to clean his school shoes and found them soaked through, sodden . . .  He'd walked home along the path where the river had flooded! OK. He's very understanding and forgiving (like his Mum). He has a good relationship with his Dad, stays with him every Saturday night and often goes abroad with him. He, like Stropster, is also confident, sociable and well liked. I sometimes wonder how they got so balanced? Yes, I know they are still young, but compared to how I was at 13 or 16 they are "normal", they have many friends and interests. They know what love is.

Geekster's Dad - Age 56, Johan (Relationships: A brief encounter in '89 . . . Another attempt to be together which resulted in Geekster being born '98 - 99 . . . Third time lucky in 2000? No! . . . . Final proof in 2004 that we are totally incompatible and might kill each other if we continue.  Friendship ongoing.

Hmmm . . . . A straight forward, yet complex character. A very reliable father, has never let Geekster or Stropster down. Ever. He has loved and does still love them equally. Whatever the state of our relationship has been (and there has been many "states") he has always been there for both of my boys. He has always been there for me too. He's an intelligent, hard working and financially secure. He's also very creative and artistic; his house is beautiful and very tastefully adorned. He's sensitive.
Our main problem, when together, was alcohol. There were other issues; he was very independent, having lived alone for decades and I was very insecure and jealous. I played games to hurt him. I'm not sure if he played games to make me jealous, I thought he did at the time but I was drinking and extremely insecure so it could all have been in my mind. We tried several times (see above) to have a relationship . . . I was going to say "to make it work", but I don't think we ever really tried to make it work. It couldn't work with so much alcohol in the equation.
He is neurotic, has a form (or two) of OCD, worries far too much about his money and finds it hard to let go and enjoy himself. He is super-disciplined. He is half Swiss (German-Swiss) this might explain the self-discipline.
He moved to this area soon after Geekster was born to be near to his Son. He has taken the boys abroad on many holidays and has always paid half towards their main Christmas and Birthday presents; making it possible for them to always have the latest game consoles, i phones, tvs, cameras, gadgets etc.
He is the most reliable person I've ever met. He has been, and still is, a steadying, secure and stable influence in Geekster's life. He loves Hamper G and she's beginning to love and trust him too. If ever I was in any trouble of any kind, I absolutely know I could call on him, and if he could, he would help me. A decent, honest man.