Thursday, 26 July 2012

Just a quickie . . . and some gratitude

Wednesday 11.43 pm

Oh, it has to be another "quickie", almost a midnight one . . . I've done so much today. I can hardly wait to wake up and start again . . .  a tad manic maybe? O well, if so, that's fine . . . I have more than enough to do. And I love this weather, in the 90's today . . . O yes!

I really am looking forward to camping, that's another thing I love. I built a tent once within a bedsit where I lived, just before I had Stropstrer. It was so cold there in the winter with a useless storage heater, so I began by covering the walls, and creating a fourth wall to partition off an area, with rugs and blankets . . . then I draped some throws from the top of the walls into the centre of the ceiling, where the light hung through, like an Arabian tent it was, I'd forgotten about that.

Anyway, where was I? Gratitude, I keep being (inadvertently) reminded of how important this is. And it is. I've even put up a reminder on my kitchen wall now . . . I might make some more, until it becomes second nature to me.

Thursday 7.03 am . . .

I fell asleep in the chair. A perfect blend of sunshine, fresh air and physical work was followed by a Seven hour sleep.

I am grateful that Hamper G has made friends with the children two doors away.  There are Eight of them . . . plus Six cats (which I think is the main attraction for Hamper), Two dogs and Four tortoises. She's loving it . . . and I'm able to get on with sorting, clearing and generally minimising the contents of the house, ready for the new rooms.

I'm grateful to be on day two . . I know, I know, this could have been day Twelve . . . but it isn't. I'm nevertheless grateful for the the ability to say no, just for today . . . And to be more aware each time of the peace that comes from saying "No".

I'm thankful that I'm healthy and strong enough to be able to work through the day, ticking things off my endless list . . . If I do something that I'd forgotten to put on the list, I then put it on the list just so I can tick it off. O the joy! . . . Grateful to be so easily pleased.

So pleased that the guy who mows next doors front lawn, crossed the path and did mine too last night! He's back today to trim the hedges . . .

I could go on with this list of gratitude. I may well do, in my head, but I'm off to work my way through this beautiful sunny day. I really, honestly, am hoping to complete Eliza's escape tonight; I dreamt of Higgins last night.

I'm grateful to be able to come here and interact with you good people, here and there, all over the world. I could well be slightly bonkers but I actually talk to some of you during the day . . . Do you hear me?

Ok, that's me for now. I'm grateful that head ache has gone. The Sun is breaking through . . . here we go!

Love and thanks to you all x x x


  1. Read that title and somewhat completely had the WRONG thoughts... lol! Sorry...

    Gratitude - I've been reminded of it over the last few days, clearly in the ether as they say.

    Just for Today - don't worry about counting them continuously, just one at a time.

    1. Hey yeah, you did last time when I wrote a "midnight quickie" . . . I don't forget much ;-)

      Yes, one of my reminders was your blog, with the Guru of gratitude . . . They'll be selling courses soon in gratitude.
      Just finished twelve hours of non-stop work and I feel so good for it x

    2. *Embarrassed blush* Shows my one track mind there doesn't it!

      Selling gratitude - no that's a bandwagon I've got to hitch my horse on :-)

    3. Sure does!
      . . . And yes, if I had any incentive to make money, I reckon I could give some crash courses on gratitude ;-) x

  2. I love this post, and totally relate. I would much rather be grateful for what I do have than complain about what I don't. Today I am really grateful that I have access to technology and can read your stories and imagine how your life is. And yes, I hear you, sometimes I randomly think of you during the day, can you hear me?!
    I saw a young girl on a bike today with no pedals, she must have been learning to ride too, and I thought "Oh, look at that, just like Hamper G!" Ha, ha.
    Kiwigirl xx

    1. Hi Kiwigirl, I've had a real good busy, grateful day . . . I'm buzzing from it. The heat and physical work suit me well.
      Yes, I hear you too Kiwigirl ;-)
      I reckon I'll try and update early in the morning more often.
      Hope all is well with you x x

  3. You seem very light hearted today - and pleased with yourself which is fantastic! By now it's getting to be late afternoon for you so I hope you enjoyed the weather. Our relatives in N. Ireland & England don't handle the warmer weather that well. Some were here a couple summers ago when it was quite cool - I'd be wrapped in sweaters and blankets and they'd be taking their shirts off (they're guys). It's nice to hear someone there appreciating unaccustomed heat - esp as homes there don't tend to be built with heat waves in mind.

    1. Hi Jeannie . . . Yes I think it's partly due to writing early in the morning, rather than late at night, when I'm tired.
      Physical work in the heat seems to suit me . . . Maybe from many years of working in S.France.
      I've just done another straight twelve hours work again, non-stop. I planned my day so that I could work inside this morning, then do the gardening between 12 and 5pm (mad dogs and Englishmen!) I love it!
      The forecast is good for tomorrow . . . Wayhay ;-)
      Hope all is well with you Jeannie x x

  4. Thank you for sharing your happiness with all of us.Your garden and your little girl and you are all in harmony.And your other children to.You have 2 boys to?They are lucky to have such a kind and sweet Mom:D I wish you happiness always for you and your family and your hamsters.LoveXoxoXo

    1. Hi Bev, You're more than welcome . . . I do feel happy today and at peace. I really do think that hard work in the Sun does me some kind of good. Another sunny day is forecast for tomorrow!
      Yes, I got a boy of 17 who works and a boy of 13, still at school. Then the girl who is 5 (and 26 hamsters!)
      Thanks for your lovely comment Bev, that means a lot to me.
      I hope all is well with you x x

  5. Was that you mumbling? That's a relief. I thought the voices meant I was nuts!

    I am grateful for you!

    1. No, no you're not nuts Sherry . . . it was me!
      I've been exercising my "gratitude muscle" all day, and I feel so much better for it.
      Thanks for being here, I hope all is well with you x

  6. I just read Furtherons comment.LOL.Midnight quickie also sounds like a hot time.Love you.

    1. Bev, It does, doesn't it? . . . I'd be far too exhausted by midnight for even the quickest of quickies! . . . I think ;-)
      I rarely watch tv but there's a programme on about Snowdonia Natioinal Park, which is where we go camping . . . It's beautiful, I just can't wait. It's very under populated . . I might find myself a lonely, funny shepherd there and retire to live wild in the mountains. I might have to wait till the kids have grown up . . that's OK, I can wait . . . and dream.
      Love to you Bev x

  7. When I looked up the temperature yesterday (thursday) the peak came at 4pm, according to the met office, and was only 27c or 80f... it felt higher than 90 to me... what's wrong with the met office? do they shove ice cubes in their weather stations before they take readings (probably they do...)

    1. Gledwood . . . It was hot I know that, but Wednesday was hotter . . . Well, that's not official, it just felt hotter.
      Didn't sit down again for fourteen hours today, twelve kids here . . . Still wrestling in the front garden now!
      I'm having an extremely manic week. It feels like I'm physically speeding . . . but not with the anxiety or jitters, just clear, fast, precise thoughts.
      Did you see my previous post? I posted some pics of your infants, before I take them to the pet shop.
      Hope all things are well with you, take care x

  8. Hi! Just wanted to check in and say thanks for stopping by to visit me.

    Scorcher after scorcher here for the past several weeks. I'm ready for winter now!

    Can't wait for the next chapter in the Eliza/Higgins saga. I wonder how that dream was. He's not sore on the eyes, that Higgins, or wasn't when you did that drawing, anyway.

    I'm off to bed. Nite Nite, bugerlugs...xx

    1. Hi JJ, Good to see you back, I was concerned for you.
      Every day I intend to finish the "escape" episode . . . and then I'm so tired from preparing the house for decorating that I can't write. I need to find some more time from somewhere??
      Higgins often appears in my dreams, totally unexpected, in all kinds of situations. The recurring theme seems to be; I pretend to not be over pleased to see him, but of course, I am. Just shows how much game playing went into that relationship ;-)
      I reckon I need to get up at 6am, before the kids, to write in peace without being tired. It's 10pm here and I feel ready for bed.
      Night night to you too JJ x x

  9. i'm finding it so hard to be grateful right noe, about anything, even though i should...just another thing to feel guilt about!

    hope your ok, thought about you last night as i was pulling slugs from my lettuces!

    much love xx

    1. Hi Yas, Sodding slugs eh?
      I usually only have to remind myself that all three of my kids are healthy and happy to kick start the gratitude . . . And that, I too, am reasonably healthy and happy really . . . considering.
      I do sometimes wonder if I should feel more guilt. I mean, although I do want (and will be) rid of this addiction for many reasons; mainly freedom and spiritual well being . . . Guilt has never been the reason.
      I've given up alcohol, and relationships for my kids to live in a stable environment. They have all they want, need and more. Plus my attention 24/7 and I just don't feel guilty when I sit down to have a smoke once they are all asleep.
      Ah well, I'm almost asleep. I wanted to write tonight but I can't see it happening :-(
      Hopefully early tomorrow morning will be a goo time to write.
      Take care, with love x x

    2. A goo time? . . . A good time!

  10. Bugs, glad that you are back on track with Day 2. One day at a time. I like camping quite a bit also. Being on the boat is high end camping I guess!

    1. Hi Syd, I was so pleased to see you here last night, but I was also very tired and only replied to your last comment.
      Yes, boats are "outdoorsy" in that same way. The tent that I have this year is pretty high end camping . . . I'll post pics.