Sunday, 20 January 2013

And then, Monday to Friday . . . and Saturday and Sunday

Saturday Night

At the end of my previous post, I think I said something like "There begins another story" regarding  Hamper G's Dad's release from prison on 17th January . . . Well the story began just before he was (due to be) released. In fact they haven't released him. They have suddenly, after 17 prison sentences and 41 years in Great Britain, decided that he is an illegal immigrant!! I had his birth certificate here which has now been sent to his solicitor along with any other paperwork I could find. He has a very strong Glaswegian accent, which is totally at odds with his appearance; both of his parents being Pakistani. But it's complicated. A life running from the law, for various reasons, means that he is listed as having 32 aliases on his criminal record . . . And it is now alleged that his passport (under his original birth name) has been used twice in the last eight years by two people trying to get into Britain from Pakistan. He hasn't been out of the country for many many years, neither is he in possession of his passport. So, now he has to try and prove that he is the person on the birth certificate . . . pretty much impossible. Deportation centres are being mentioned. This is horrific news. Hamper had counted down the last few days to his release. They let him serve the, almost three year, sentence and "gate arrested" him as he was due to leave . . . arseholes. All we can do is wait and see. I'll keep you updated.

The good news of the week is the snow and we've had heaps of it! The camera phone is charging ready for tomorrow's sledging expedition as I forgot to take it with us today and yesterday. It's been great fun for the kids and more is forecast for Sunday and Monday!

Therapy was very interesting again this week. We discussed some of my bizarre upbringing and my past; outlining some of the main events of the past 49 years . . . She seemed to think I was doing well, all things considered and agreed that having spent a few years single after so many relationships, now would be a fine time to begin to try to understand myself; to make some sense of it all, face up to the many issues I've avoided and to begin some (well overdue) self-nurturing. Yes, I like the sound of that.  I'm looking forward to it and am so pleased that I've finally got someone to help me work through this and show me some guidelines, some exercises and coping mechanisms. I've always had an interest in psychology and analysing thoughts/actions so I am eager to learn more. And definitely eager to start caring about myself, this is a brand new concept to me.

So, not much other news really. It's been a busy week. A  busy, cold week. So busy, in fact, that I haven't yet replied to comments on my last post. I do apologise for this and totally intended to write replies before writing this post. Then I realised I would, no doubt, end up writing the deportation news 13 times so I came here first.

I'm going to get an early night ready for some sledging in the morning and maybe a snowman/cat/dog/hamster in the afternoon (with photos!)

Sunday evening

It has snowed constantly today, which has lifted my mood somewhat. We've been out for most of the day; sledging and messing about in the snow and I'm presuming the schools will be closed for most of the week, giving us heaps more time for sledging and building stuff out of snow . . . I'll find time to upload the photos tomorrow. Although, having said that, if I click on "insert an image" right now, it does not give me the browse option to fetch photos from my files (?) hmmmm. Maybe Geekster will know what to do.

Love and thanks to everyone for being here x x


  1. I love hearing from you. The snow sounds fun and you are such a fun mom! I am sorry about Hamper's dad...what a huge disappointment. I hope it can worked out exactly the way its supposed to.

    1. Hi Annette
      The snow is great and Hamper's school is closed today, so more fun AND photos!
      And yes, I'm sure what is meant to be, will be . . .
      Much love to you x

  2. Glad you are enjoying the snow. Its pretty much melted here.

    Its sounds sad about Hamper Gs dad, but perhaps, this could work in your favour. I knew you mentioned he was bad for you, maybe the distance will help.

    Take care

    1. Hi Kim, I think most of my family hoped that once he was in prison I might get clean (as in, they kinda blamed him for my using) but I was using for four years before I met him . . . I would never blame anyone, but myself, for my addiction.
      I suppose the only thing that was easier whilst he was in town was that I paid less for my gear . . . which has advantages and disadvantages.
      I've just noticed a new post on your Blog, so I'll be over to see how things are for you. You too, take care x x

  3. I am loving your new therapist. She is going to help you love you.

    1. Yes, that'll be a first. I'm keen to see how this progresses. Looks like my 50th year could be a good start to a whole new way of thinking.
      I hope today is a good day for you x

  4. You have packed a lot into this post. I am sad and angry about Hamper G's father. Surely they accept the name they locked him up under as his? And has it not occurred to them that anyone can be the victim of 'indentity theft', and someone imprisoned is not in a position to a)notice or b) do anything about it. Grrr.
    I love the thought of your snow - though it seems to have got as carried away as our heat...
    And best of all I love the thought of a therapist who is going to help you be kind to yourself. Such a win.

    1. Yes, me too. The name they have locked him up under, which has been his accepted name on post office accounts, benefit and health claims, court orders etc etc for many years . . . is not the same name as that on his birth certificate. This is often the case with asains adopting a more easily pronounced "british" name.
      It just seems strange that he has been in and out of prison under this same name for years and nothing has ever been mentioned. He wasn't even aware that he had a current passport. There is more to this than meets the eye, for sure. Time will tell.
      But yes, the snow, ahh we're loving it. Hamper G is already pulling on my sleeve to get outside. The school is closed. The boots, gloves and hats are dry. The camera is charged! And the sledge awaits . . . I'll be back later. Thinking of you both, sending you much love and virtual snow flakes x x

  5. My daughter expected a day off school but... her one is actually open. Not happy as she trudged off in the snow to get the bus, which we'd seen a few running so couldn't use that excuse.

    1. Hi, Yes, Geekster's school is open too, much to his dismay! As me and Hamper are off out to make the most of it . . . again.
      It has just started snowing again so maybe the senior school will close early.
      Right, Hamper's patience is running thin.
      I hope all is good with you and yours x

  6. If Geekster figures out what's going on with blogger, please let me know. It's driving me nuts.

    So good to hear from you. Also sorry about Hamper's dad...that really stinks.


    1. Hi Sherry, I will let you know, for sure.
      I'm still unable to bring photos across from "my pictures", which is just as well, because we just got in from three hours sledging and playing . . . and guess what I forgot to take? yes! the camera, the fully charged camera! O my, I need to take some pics down by the river, it's so beautiful.
      As for Daddy G; If they could have let him know there was a chance of this happening at the beginning of his sentence, then, number one; it would have given them three years to look into it . . . and number two; If they had decided back then to deport, we might have been better stopping visits back when Hamper G was 2. She would've been young enough to forget, maybe. But certainly not now. There's nothing we can do now, other than wait.
      Thanks for being here Sherry. Sending love to you x x x

  7. Hey good to see you!
    I hope that special consideration be given because there is a small child involved with an active relationship with her dad.I will be praying that it gets worked.
    Im glad your you & family are having fun in the snow.We are expecting snow to to night or tomorrow.
    You found the perfect therapist and the self nurturing sounds like really good sound therapy.
    All love blessings& good things sent to you & family today and alwaysXoXoxoO

    1. Hi Bev . . I'll try commenting as Anon as I can't seem to sign into my own bledy Blog!! . . On my 50th Birthday too! I wanted to write a post and put up some pics :-(
      Maybe Geekster will know why but he's not home till 4.
      They're back at school today so I've got a quiet chilling day alone . . . Bliss.
      I have sent Hamper's Birth Certificate with her Dad's to the solicitor but once again, he is named on the Birth Certificate under his "easy" name; the name that's been used for the past 25 (?) years for benefits, courts, prison, everything. Which, suddenly, doesn't exist!!
      It is very frustrating and I can't imagine how it is for him after waiting for three years to get out . . . but all he/we can do is wait some more.
      Thanks for your kindness and support Bev. Sending you love and hoping today is good to you x x x

  8. Life can be very complicated! But that situation with Hamper-G's Dad is out of your hands really. All you can do is support him as best you can. And that sounds like so much fun in the snow, certainly a good way to forget about your worries, and for Hamper-G too.
    I really feel that 2013 could be your year for change and growth, and that is a situation that is totally under your control.
    All the best my friend. Laura xxx

    1. Hi Laura,
      From one Anon to another! I can't sign in for some weird reason . . . On my 50th Birthday as well! I had a post to write and some photos too . . . Boo hoo.
      I wonder if my Blog (in which I set out to make some changes before the big five-O, as noted on my header) has decided to lock me out, abandon me . . . Saying; No, clear off, you said you would've changed by now. Bugger off and start a new Blog! . . . Surely not? Strange things to seem to be happening recently (!)
      O well, If I can't access it later on I will come back here to write my post. Meantime yes, I will attempt to accept the things I cannot change, and change the things I can . . . :-)
      It's minus 5 here today, I was so glad to get back from the school walk. I'm gonna make my second coffee now and try to talk Blogger into taking me back . . ."I will change, I promise! . . . Give me another year"
      Sending you love and thanks for your friendship Laura x x x

  9. A very, very happy birthday to you. xxxx


  10. The snow coming down is something that I would like to see again.
    I'm glad that you are looking forward and not dwelling on the past. I do my best to stay in the day but am having a hard time with impending death of my MIL. Hospice thinks that she has 2 weeks because she is aspirating her food now. Very sad.