Monday, 27 June 2016

The Good Stuff ...

 Its been a long busy day and I'm tired. The sky is amazing but my phone/camera wouldn't do it justice.
 A couple of weeks ago at half term, we packed up my Brother's campervan and Sister-in-law's Grandad's 70's trailer tent and set off to North Wales for a week. It marked the two year anniversary of 'Bro and wife' taking on the three little ones, they are now legally adopted.
When they first brought them to live with them they were aged 1, 2 and 3 ... a handful even for an experienced parent. The five of them have blossomed together, six with Bernie the dog, it's been a huge change for him too. Now its hard to imagine a time when they weren't here. I can't post close up pictures of them. They are beautiful, generous, happy, and full of love and gratitude. It was the first time they had been camping for more than one night and the weather was perfect. Even the locals were shocked; a full uninterrupted week of sun in Wales!
We hired a beach hut and passed each day hanging out by the sea, the beach cafe, the outdoor paddling pool and the park; all within fifty paces ...  perfect. We set up a BBQ there so we could eat in the early evening and by the time we got back to the tents/van at night the kids were whacked. So were we.
My Dad's wife still lives and works there. We scattered his ashes out in the sea, it was what he wanted and the timing was perfect, spending the week there with him gradually drifting out to sea...

The view from the campervan, Bernie and Hamper G

Bro and me in the sea with kids. I didn't intend to go in fully clothed, I started out paddling and kept going further in as it was surprisingly warm...

love and light

When we were kids at the beach, my Dad always built us a sand-car or boat or whatever else it became during the day. I used to really look forward to it, I do the same now for our/their kids and it was great to see them enjoying and adapting it... I think Hamper G was Cleopatra in her bath of Asses' milk.

The 'grown ups', Stropster and Geekster, stayed home and looked after the house and Eddy the cat. There may have been a couple of parties but no damage. I can't believe how responsible they are, all things considered.
Camping in Wales is always my happiest time, I hope you enjoyed it too.. I'll be back real soon. Love and Thanks xx


  1. It looks brilliant. Thank you for taking us along.
    And I can't believe how fast your 'babes' have grown up....

    1. E's C, It was brilliant, I'm never disappointed with a camping trip to Wales, whatever the weather, but the Sun does help when keeping the kids entertained.
      And yes, the boys are young men now. I'm so proud of them both :-)

  2. This just makes me so happy. Your kids are gorgeous by the way.


    1. Thanks Sherry, They're the reason I've got this far. But its not far enough. I need to change and progress ... I'm still stuck.
      I still cant find where you are writing at? I tried SoberMumWrites wordpress... nothing? could you send me a link please Sherry, Thanks xx

  3. Looks like you had lots of fun. So glad you went! Also glad you came home and things were all good there too.

    1. Hi Lovey. Yes it was, always is, my happy place. I love the sea ... Maybe I will move there when the kids have all moved on. I hope so xx

  4. Bee you tee full! So glad you are back.
    A course in 'mindfulness' changed my life. Hey, celebrate being you, firstly you are a gorgeous human being and Mum to three wonderful, well-adjusted children. And an addict, but that doesn't define you, it is what it is, you may always be an addict, but pay it no heed. In between 'lapses' just be you, live in the moment. All of us can only try to be better people, but sometimes we fail. It doesn't matter, if at your heart you are a good person doing your best in this sometimes terrible world.
    And you are!! A good person, I mean. Love these photos.
    My big news, I am a Nana to a gorgeous 14month old baby boy, he is the joy and light of my life....and nothing else matters. I just try to be a good person mostly. But I am not an addict, just a chronic over-indulger in food, and alcohol. But I can only ever get up every morning and try my best, and always be kind to others and myself.
    But again, just happy to see you back here :-)
    Love, hugs, peace and kisses from Laura A.K.A. kiwigirl xx

    1. O Laura!... you dont know how happy this has made me, right now! I had just posted my next post and was feeling O so sorry for myself... and then this!!! thankyou! its so good to see you back here, and you're a Nana! that is wonderful, I'm so happy for you, bless you.
      I do try to justify the addict bit, and tell myself how well everythng else is, but, well its complicated, thats a whole post for another day. Its 2am! But how glad am I that I sat here waiting and waiting, and I had no idea what for ... I had finished the post hours ago, but just kept stalling to post it... then I saw 'comment' come up :-) I cant beleive how much better I feel. I'm gonna read it again first thing in the morning and try my best again for another day and sort out the washing... So So happy to see you back. Sending you Love and hugs. The timing is perfect, I really needed those hugs and love just then, amazing. Truly special xxx

    2. Isn't it funny, how you don't even 'know' someone, but somehow feel an intense connection. I don't know what it is about your writing (and you!) but I really feel your honesty and genuineness and I want to reach through the computer and grab you!!

    3. Bless you. I just still cant beleive that I was sat up staring at my finished post till 2 am as if I was waiting for something (I rarely stay up that late)... and there you were as if by magic.
      I would never have imagined that a connection like this could be made through a blog.
      The Hobbit was on tv last night in the background when I started writing my post and I thought about you and New Zealand. A series of connectors xx

  5. Your kids are beautiful! Hamper has gotten so big!! Time continues on huh. ❤️