Thursday, 28 July 2016

Good Intentions, Wretched fleas and Alien Invasion!

Two posts in two days? steady on now. 

I've been to the Dr today, it seems I have a virus causing swollen glands, throat infection and a nasty headache/sick feeling that went on for two days. I've been told to rest for a few days and I will try. I didn't have to try whilst I had that headache, I just couldn't move but now that's subsided I am having to force myself to rest. 

I decided a fairly restful chore would be to go through the pile of paperwork that's gradually built up, over several months, on the corner of this table where my laptop lives. Generally it's stuff that's been dealt with and could either be binned or filed into 'paid bills' file or kids' school reports drawer  etc. There are receipts and old shopping lists. And other lists ... every so often when I feel motivated, optimistic, strong and deluded, I write a list of the changes I need, and intend at the time to make.

In this pile of paperwork there were three such lists ... the headings vary; Goals for 2016/ Things to achieve this Summer/What I would need to do to be normal/ Shit I just can't do) but mostly the contents are the same. I don't even know why I write such lists. Its not like I don't know by now what I need to do to improve my life and health. Do I need to refer to a piece of paper to remind me where I'm going wrong. Or maybe I think by writing it out it's more likely to happen. I don't know, but just in case I ever throw all of those lists away and cant remember what it was i was supposed to be doing, I will copy one of them out here. It doesn't matter which one ... They all start off with the changes that would make the biggest difference; those that never get done ... and finish up with 4 or 5 less ambitious tasks that I manage to do maybe 50% of the time ... O dear. It's a good job that I can smile about such things really.  Sometimes.

Stop smoking cigarettes
Stop smoking heroin
Decorate the house
Sort out the garden
Get teeth fixed
Loose another 14 pounds (7kilos)
Drink more water
Practice meditation/mindfulness
Walk more
Regular pedicures
Do Pelvic Floor exercises (for more than two minutes)
Do face exercises (ditto)
Use honey instead of sugar ... now that one I can manage!
Drink the juice 6 lemons per day (good for lungs)

ps De-Flea Edster

Of course, smiling or not, there is nothing I would like more than to see all of these things ticked off ... or even just the top five, rather than the bottom five! Hey ho, for now I shall rest and be thankful that headache has gone.

That was written last night. I've felt much better today and caught up on the heap of chores that had built up over the last few daysI've treated Ed the cat for fleas and vacuumed everything thats vacuumable in case of flea eggs ... perishing, wretched, damned things!

I awoke feeling fearful from an extremely vivid dream this morning. I never read Sci-Fi and certainly hadn't seen anything on TV that might have influenced my dreams. Nothing ...
 I was hiding in a warehouse with my Brother. We were looking out through a small crack in the door to see fifty, sixty ... maybe more, enormous alien craft crashing down onto the mountains in Wales. These craft were similar to shipping containers, but more the size of a mighty ship and they were all orange. I was terrified ... My Brother was telling me that there were warnings in the Bible about this ... Then we were watching a report on a TV in the warehouse; it was explaining that these aliens wanted to use the 'technology of our eyes'. It showed someones head strapped close in front of a screen with hundreds of images zooming past ... this is how we were going to be used.  For taking in and recording images ... how utterly bizarre. And that was it. More than enough. I rarely have vivid dreams and never have I dreamt of aliens or such like. 

Well, thats me off to bed. Quite enough for one day. 
Thanks for being here, Goodnight xx 


  1. After a dream like that, bed would be the last place I headed. Ack. And arrrgh.
    Your lists? I do it too. And the same items appear at the top time after time after time. So I always put at least one thing on the list that I CAN achieve, so I don't feel a complete failure.
    And some days that thing has been feed cats. Or shower.

  2. Glad you're on the mend. I believe in writing things down. I think it makes things happen for us. It plants that seed in our brain. Well, it does for me ;)

  3. Hello, hello, how would you be??


  4. have a very merry xmas xx