Monday, 11 June 2012

Itty, Bitty and all good gifts.

OK, I literally have an hour to spare as I need to get to bed by eleven.

The final half term of this school year began today and we had a few tears . . . quite a lot of tears really. The teacher had said this might happen and it was gut-wrenching to prise her fingers from around my thumb and walk away . . . but I had no choice. When I went to pick her up at 3.15 she was happy and skipping; she told me "I threw my tear tissue in the bin after you had gone Mummy" . . . Later, she remembered "We said the Serenity prayer in assembly this morning"!! I wasn't aware that she knew what the Serenity prayer was. She certainly did, she also knew it was something that I said. Amazing.

Gledwood and her daughter, Faith (the father!?) have two pups, we've called them Itty and Bitty; taken from  Elsie's comment "How itty bitty" to the first photos of the pups. I couldn't resist just getting a few last shots of them together this evening while they're still pups . . . and before the camera novelty wears off.

Stropster will be Seventeen on Friday, my Brother and Mother have booked him a block of driving lessons, his first one being at 8.15  on Friday morning. He can't wait to have his driving license. I'm giving him money for clothes  . . . but having watched him practise "Redemption Song" all week on an old 3/4 size classical, nylon string guitar which quite frankly sounds awful; I thought how good it would be if we found a semi-acoustic, second hand folk guitar for his birthday . . . . we did! It's perfect. It's all black, it's semi acoustic and it has a beautiful "silvery" sound. I can't remember what make it is, it's hiding at Bro's house, but I know he will love it. A total surprise.

We have a prison visit booked for Thursday, I'm hoping it will be dry enough to enjoy another visit to the prison park. I heard on the news this evening that this rain is set to last for a month! A month!? It has caused some horrendous floods and there are many more flood warnings in place for tonight.

I had some extremely vivid realistic dreams last night. I kept on waking up to have a little re-cap of events, then returning to the same dream again. It was almost like a psychic connection with someone. I also had a very clear vision of a girl jumping from a bridge . . . It was disturbing; as she jumped I felt someone tap me on the shoulder from behind. Bizarre.

OK, twenty minutes left to post the last few photos. It's going to be a busy week. A good week . . . Another clean week. I'm starting aqua-aerobics on Wednesday . . . well, I'll try it. If it's not strenuous enough, I'll just swim instead . . . if it's too strenuous, I'll just swim instead.

Last week I had a leaflet through the door advertising yoga and meditation sessions at a nearby Buddhist centre; I did consider it but they were quite expensive  . . . The next day, tough guy at N/A offered to take a few of us there on Fridays. The sessions are free to us addicts . . . How good is that. It has to be worth a try.

Rightio, photos and bed! goodnight all and thanks, as always, for being here x

See how they've changed colour from gingery to grey/gingery in two days?

Yeah right, you get the picture, I know. Itty and Bitty eventually became so relaxed and warm and comfortable in Hamper G's paws that they fell asleep . . . She wanted to take them to bed with her. We compromised with their cage next to her bed . . . Ahhhh


  1. You've got 3 cuties there!

    I love yoga - I really need to get back into it. Fantastic that you get to go free!

    It's quite amazing how much little kids pick up from what goes on around them. They don't necessarily understand what they pick up but they can mimic perfectly anyway.

    I am quite amazed at how faithful you are in doing the prison visits. Of course, I don't know about your relationship with Hamper G's father either but I'm sure taking a child to a prison isn't exactly high on your list of favourite things to do. Good on you.

    The guitar sounds perfect! (He doesn't read your blog does he?) My boys both play but not so much. They both have acoustic and electric but Matt has left the electric and amp here. Maybe I should take it up! (I have squatty little fingers and it is nearly impossible for me to do the fingering for chords - I would blame my wretched piano playing on that too but I am simply not good. I have no one to play the bodhran with so I have no clue if I have any talent there - my teacher thought I was amazing and wanted me to learn to play his whole kit but I declined)

    1. Hi Jeannie,
      Just had an awful scene at school again; they literally had to pull her away with both arms . . . very upsetting. I wish this would just stop.
      You're spot on that going to prison with Hamper G is not my favorite thing to do . . . I promised I would keep her in contact with her Dad, as I have with all three kids. I can only hope that when he gets out, he makes even half the effort to see her that I've made during these two and half years . . . Time will tell.
      My secrets are safe here . . . Stropster doesn't read my blog; he resents it like some kind of brand new lover!
      I used to play my bodhran along to CDs, tapes any music, you should try it . . . I intend to get myself another one soon . . . bottom of the list, of course, after Birthdays, holidays . . . Christmas, and back round again ;-) The joys of being a mother.

  2. Awww... Guitar sounds good, why not get advice from Furtheron?
    Dreams can get very weird. 4 days in a row I flew to the aid of the 7th Cavalry at the Little Bighorn on a Magic Carpet.
    As the little rodents change, aren't they beginning to look like...weird, tiny, mutant rats?
    Hamper G looks much cuter than the mutant rats.

    Lucky you.

    Keep trying.

    1. Hi Twisted Scottish Bastard, If he does eventually get a better guitar, I would seek advice; this was more of a £60 limit (between three of us)having already spent 100's on his Birthday. We found it at a local car boot sale and bartered him down from £80 to £50. Bro plays and knows a little bit about them; its certainly good enough for now.
      Now the "weird tiny mutant rats" . . . I think you're trying a bit too hard to not just say "awwwww, how sweet" ;-) . . . O Mother's here, must dash!
      I'll keep trying x Love your dream by the way.
      I'll keep trying

    2. I've no idea who echoed the "I'll keep trying"?!

  3. I swim. And I giggle (underwater) at the aqua aerobics class. Quite a lot of them come to the pool with full make up and jewellery on. And then are soooo careful not to get their faces or hair wet. Having shown my mean side I have to add that I am not certain that I could do all of the exercises they do in that class.
    Wonderful birthday present for the Stropster. Both of them.
    Have a great week.

    1. The E'sC . . . O Boy, I can just imagine them, maybe I'll just swim too (and giggle)
      I can't wait to see his face when he gets the guitar . . Photo opportunity? O I almost forgot, I'm not allowed to put HIS photo on here!
      You too, have a great week x

  4. You should try the meditation - I bought a book and DVD once (how me!) watched it through to the family laughing their socks off and it has sat on the shelf ever since sadly...

    I do now get "alone time" - walking to the station in the morning is a good place to have the mind chatter time I find. However today I drove, first time since I started this job in Sept but it was raining like Noah was overdue and I didn't want to sit dripping on the train or in the important budget meeting I had first thing.

    Swimming is a good one as well - solitary, focused and you can work on emptying your mind - need to carve some time this week as work is getting in the way again!

  5. Oh forgot - great news on the surprise present - hope he likes it - try good place to start lots of useful beginner lessons etc.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I have no idea how that comment disappeared?!
      It was pretty long too.
      There are some good lessons on You Tube too, but I'll try that site, thanks. I'm teaching him how to read tab at the minute as that can be very useful. I'm sure he'll love the guitar, he's making good progress.
      I'll deffo give the meditation a go; anywhere I can just sit and "be" has to be worth a try, along with swimming and walking.
      I hope your meeting went well and that you get some "you" time.
      Its still raining here too :-(

  6. The hamsters are adorable and so is your girl.

    Meditation is suppose to be great, I just never do it consistently. I hope you give it a try and it helps you - let me know!

    1. Aren't they just? they're just the right age to be able to hold; once they get a bit older they run away, unless you handle them every day so they get used to you. Geekster has them out at the minute.
      I'll let you know how the meditation goes. I will definitely try it; next Friday as this week is Stropster's 17th. I'll probably relax . . . and fall asleep ;-)
      I hope you're feeling better x

  7. I'm so glad you found guitar for your boy! Let us know how the Buddha center classes go. How cool that you get to go for free and water aerobics! You are amazing! I still refuse to do any type of class. Maybe someday though. I am feeling that walk breaking down little by little.

    1. Yes that was a God-send if ever there was one.
      I will write up once I've been to the Buddha centre, it'll be on the 21st as this Friday is Stropster's Birthday . . . I know what you mean with classes and clubs. I'm a bit reluctant too, but these are both situations where I won't be required to talk (much) so that helps. If it meant chatting to folk, I wouldn't be going . . . this is the only place I can chat ;-)
      And N/A of course.
      Brick by brick, the walls come down x

  8. Those hamster babies are so adorable! I've transformed into a 7 year old girl...I want one!!!!

    Have fun in the exercise classes!! I hear great things about yoga but have never tried it myself. I tried meditation years ago but my mind is too muddled for it - a mindfield, if you will...Ah, I'm so darn clever! ;)

    1. If you lived nearby, I would bring one straight round to you. Now! (Smokey would love it)
      Yes my mind is rather muddled . . . I'm hoping some meditation might de-tangle a few knots, I'll let you know.
      I loved your post today, so glad you found Smokey. I didn't get time to comment at the time, as dinner was on, but you're so right about us not realising our worth as Mothers. We just expect it of ourselves. Your little man is so sweet . . . and you really are so darn clever ;-)

  9. I'm so excited and flattered and honored that Itty and Bitty were named after my comment the other day. Awwwww!!! If only you could hear my nasal New York accent right now!! (Maybe it's good that you can't!)

    I love that they say the Serenity Prayer at school. I have to admit, I'm very surprised! Good for them.

    You'll have to let us know how yoga goes. I did it about a year ago and really loved it. I actually cried at the end because it was so relaxing - just so zen! Loved it!! I had to stop because of $$

    Be well!!

    1. Lovey,
      They really suit those names, as soon as I read the words it just "clicked". I originally thought there were three pups but there's definitely only two (which is rare) so Itty and Bitty they are! Complete with New York accent.
      I was surprised they said the prayer, or any prayer really; even though it's a Church of England school, the only school that had "vacancies", I just presumed it was only in name, not in action.
      I wondered if Hamper G might have said to the teacher after assembly "My Mum says that prayer at N/A" . . . It wouldn't surprise me at all, or them.
      I'm beginning to look forward to this yoga meditation thing; everyone is very encouraging and showing interest. It's just been mentioned on TV as I type this, weird. I'll definitely do a post about it.
      I was gonna do a post tonight about my amazing ratatouille that I spent 4 hours ccoking today. It was, for some unknown reason, the best ever.
      Anyway, I won't because it's bed time, Goodnight Lovey x

  10. Good job getting Stropster through to 17. When my children were teenagers somebody told me just to keep them alive, and relatively happy equaled great parenting! Good luck with the driving lessons. Good thing you don't drive, cos taking my kids out to practice their driving just about caused my hair to go grey overnight!
    I am sure the guitar will be a big hit. And have fun with the aqua aerobics. I will stick with my 1 hour walk a day, it's great meditation time too.
    KG xx

    1. Kiwigirl, He has his moments, as you know, but on the whole he's sensible, hard-working, responsible . . . sociable. It's true what Jenn June said on her blog today, that we rarely give ourselves enough credit for good (?), parenting . . . It does take some doing.
      Yeah, I'm glad I dont drive; I would be 24/7 taxi driver otherwise
      Hamper G has got much worse at being left at school since half term (the last two mornings) Very upsetting, I hope it stops soon. I'm already dreading it happening again tomorrow . . . Maybe it won't. Goodnight x

  11. I have had pups? Wow!! And how cute they look...

  12. Yeah, your third litter; two were last Autumn. I thought you were just living with the two daughters from last year's litters , I was obviously very wrong . . . So now you and your daughter, who's really your son "Faith", are the nonchalant parents of Itty and Bitty. I need to get "Faith" outta there really, like soon, before he gets his sister pregnant . . . Incestuous lot.
    But yeah, they are cute.
    Hope your lug's getting better.
    Keep on trying, I do, on and on x

  13. How is Hamper-G coping? Hope she is not giving you too hard a time separating again. All I can say is that this is common in young children after a holiday break. Sometimes we feel we are starting the settling process all over again after a break. It is normally quite a violent protest by the child, but does not last so long! So just keep being firm and consistent with your separation routines. Good luck!
    Kiwigirl xxx

    1. Kiwigirl . . . Thanks for replying. I just got in from N/A.
      Hamper G was good this morning, seems she made a friend yesterday and told me she would be OK as long as he was there . . . Thank God, he was.
      I told her she got the day off tomorrow to go see Dad in prison (and that she can't go again till Summer hols)and she said "I wanna go school though!" . . . Kids eh. Un believable, but great. We were both so much happier today.
      I sort of wish we hadn't got to go tomorrow but we booked it last month, and I wouldn't want to let him down. At least after that she's got 5 weeks solid to settle in. Properly. Thanks for your advice Kiwigirl, it means a lot x x

  14. emancipate yourself from mental slavery. none but ourselves can free our minds

    1. I thought of your blog when Stropster asked me to teach him that song . . . Hope things are going good (ish?) for you, take care

  15. Gledwood is a mother! I knew the old boy had it in him/her. Seriously, the babies are so cute. Glad that things are going well. A month of rain sounds dreary. Catching up with you on here. Thanks for your comments.

    1. Syd, We had two hours of "freak" sunshine today amidst all the rain . . . It shone during our 20 minutes on the "prison park", that was perfect. A good, but tiring, day.
      Aren't they just so cute, Gledwood moved house today . . . Maybe he's ready to be a parent; I could courier them to him!
      Thanks for popping by Syd x

  16. Oh wow, I just discovered that it is possible to die from cuteness.

    I'm glad that everythings good for you, apart from a month of rain. Ick.

    1. Aint they just the cutest beings ever? I could bite one ;-)
      Yep all good here, looking forward to your next post . . . x

  17. OK, very cute and very beautiful... and the hamsters are not bad too!

  18. They fell asleep in her paws? ROBOROVSKI HAMSTERS? The type that go completely nuts when you try to do them a favour and poke a bit of okra into their nest when fair enough they were probably asleep, but they mistook it for a baby crocodile and went running out like the nest was on fire!

    I used to have a Chinese hamster who fell asleep in my pocket on a regular basis... then I'd fall asleep too and wake up with the swine pinging about the carpet like furry Scalectrix... MOST inconvenient trying to get him back.

    Have any of yours escaped very often? And how did you get them back and how long did it take? When Baby Itchy Roborovski escaped, each of the four times, it took a minimum of TWO DAYS to get her back... the longest was FOUR DAYS during which I had no idea whether she'd left the room or not. One time I looked everywhere, this was in my really old house. Everywhere except under my wardrobe which I thought wasn't even worth investigating because the place was running alive with wild housemice and I knew for a fact that some of them slept under there... anyway what do I discover? But Baby Itchy has gone and SET UP HOME with the wild mice! I only caught her that time by letting her wander into a toilet tube and quickly picking it up.

    The last time she went "walkies" (as if she walked anywhere: she could run about twice as fast as those wild mice!!) I really thought I was never going to see her again and only got her back by chucking an old teeshirt on top of her and dumping her unceremoniously back in the tank. Boy did she look pissed off to be home again!!

  19. Gledwood, I have to reply here, as it won't let me reply under "reply"?!
    Yes Roborovskis . . . they are the babies, but if you keep handling them every day they will allow it, even when they're older.
    I've had quite a few escape; all but one have been caught . . . Reggie is still on the run (or dead). Sometimes they stay out for a week or so, once they get hungry they slow down and become easier to catch. Hamper G is "Chief Rat Catcher" . . She has a knack for it; chases them and somehow just scoops them up. They can get upstairs and downstairs on their own which always amazes me! but they most definitely can.
    "white boy 2" stayed out for two weeks; he lost a lot of weight but was fine.
    I've given up on Reggie, I don't want to as he was our first but it's been a few weeks now . . . I hope he got outside somehow and is alive in the wild, rather than rotting in a corner somewhere, waiting to be found.
    I'll get some more photos of the pups later, they change so fast. They're drinking from the water bottle now; standing on tiptoes . . . Ahhh ;-)

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