Monday, 18 June 2012

Stropster's 17th . . . and Seven pups!

Well, what a week . . . What a day even! (I started writing this on Saturday)
Stropster's 17th birthday (yesterday) was perfect. He had his first driving lesson, came home buzzing, spent some time with me playing his new guitar, then went off to party with his mates. Wonderful.

Our Prison visit went well. I was so tired from travelling by the time we arrived that I didn't have much energy for small talk . . . It didn't matter, we had our 20 minutes on the prison park then hamper G and her Dad spent two hours together colouring pictures and cuddling. A good "Father's Day" visit.

I cleaned all the hamsters cages/tanks today. Gledwood definitely has three pups, "his" eldest daughter Serena, from last year's litter, also has three pups; they're almost the same size as Gledwood's three but possibly a week younger, So there are *six pups in that cage along with the two mothers . . . I found the father "Faith" (sneaky blighter) and moved him out to live with his Brothers from last year's litter (Billy, Paddy and Frank). He wasn't over the moon about leaving but Hey ho, he seems to have settled in OK.  I've kept the cage with the pups next to me; they come out to play at night . . . I have my camera ready but will try to resist posting too many.

I will post a couple of Stropster though for his Birthday. He wouldn't want me to put recent photos of him on here, so I'll dig out some old timers . . . He was a beautiful baby . . . He still is!

Stropster's first few days  . . . I kept falling asleep and having weird dreams . . . Yes, whilst feeding Stropster, I'd suddenly wake up and wonder if I'd dropped him. There was morphine in that drip for post-op pain (caesarean). I had to wait until the little plastic bubble filled up, maybe once every couple of hours, then push a button to self-administer the "pain-killer" . . . I had no idea this had anything to do with Heroin. Back then.

 Rocking the pram on the tow path whilst lying on top of the boat . . . Stropster's tiny cabin in the boat, you can just about see him in there.

His "driving" seat at the back of the boat next to Captain Sparrow . . .

 Sitting on top of the boat

A few years later . . . Stropster was an easy happy boy. He loved all food, cars and playing in rivers. He still does. He was always laughing, smiling or gooning around. Not much has changed there either . . . apart from the odd hormonal outburst . . . But we're all entitled to those ;-)


I know this is a lot of photos, there were so many to choose from and he only very reluctantly gave me permission to post a couple of when he was a baby (!) . . . I won't get away with this again, so I thought I best make the most of the opportunity.

I have my camera ready with the cage at the side of my bed as Gledwood has requested some more photos of his hamster family . . . They hide all day but they'll all be scuttling about soon.

 * I've since found another single pup of maybe three days old. I didn't see him on Saturday . . . Bizarre. I'll try and get a photo, he's a strange looking thing. Usually at that age they stay in the nest/ bedroom but he comes out and wanders around the cage with the older pups. I don't think his eyes are even open!


  1. Still not playing in the blogosphere but I had to know about the prison visit and about Stropsters birthday. I am so glad that both went well.
    As always, sending all my good wishes through the ether.

    1. The E's C
      O so happy to see you here! Thanks for calling in to see how we got on . . . I hope SP's operation went well and that he's now recovering, gracefully.
      I hope you're feeling better too. Take good care and I'll look forward to reading your blog when you're ready to play again. Thanks again x

  2. OMG! He has the most beautiful blue eyes!!! Tell him if he has that same moppy hair and plays the guitar the girls will be all over him!

    And you look so young and cute too - gorgeous hair!

    1. Hi Jeannie . . . He has still got those startling blue eyes (his Dad's) . . . but very short hair. His hair is so thick that I'm not sure how it would look long.
      He has a few girls on his case but his priorities are: Passing his driving test and getting a car, finishing his aprenticeship (he has the job guaranteed) and earning a decent wage, then getting his own place to live . . . Sensible chap ;-)
      I think HE learned by MY mistakes . . . O well, let's hope they all do, then it might have been worth it.
      Yes that was my black hair (with fringe) phase, I could never quite decide; dark or blonde, so it stays red now.

  3. Happy birthday - 17... 17 I can't remember that far back... mind you I struggle sometimes to remember the day it is now sometimes, I think I have early onset dementia! Why am I here again?

    1. Furtheron . . I can't remember what day it is most days . . . but I can remember being 17 very well! a bit too well.
      I sometimes ask my 80yr old Mum the same thing several times. . . like what day are we doing the weekly shop? She'll say "are you losing it or do you just not listen?"
      "What?" . . . "when?"
      Enjoy your week x

  4. He was an extraordinarily gorgeous child. I am assuming he still is...that's not something that just leaves a person as they get older. ;o) Beautiful post and loved hearing that the prison visit went so well. I am thinking that those times of playing with his little girl at the park and getting to snuggle with her and accept her unconditional love are so precious to the papa's heart in him.

    1. Annette, Yes he still is gorgeous, although I'm biased.
      Bless you Annette for thinking that; you're right though, underneath all that hardened criminal-addict shell, he's still her Dad . . . And that's what I see too. And what Hamper G sees, I so hope he keeps contact when he's on the out . . . Time will tell.

  5. He really is a beautiful boy. Those eyes.... I love the one of him eating the spaghetti!!

    It's so nice to read about Hamper's visit with her dad. I think it's great that you're keeping the line of communication open between them, especially considering the journey you have to take every time you visit him. I'm sure it's not pleasant. Good on you. I think you're doing a wonderful job with your kids!

    And may I just say SQUEEEE!! once again for the baby hampsters!! :)

    1. Hi JJ,
      Spaghetti Bolognese has always been his favourite . . I have several photos of him over the years "troughing" spaghetti . . . I hope he never checks this blog; he'd probably delete it!
      I'll try and get a photo of the strange baby one, although he might not be so strange now; that was three days ago.
      Yeah, it's a long haul to the prison . . . and that's before the visit! I just know it's the right thing to do . . . So I do it.
      Take care JJ x

  6. He's obviously a mutant.
    Run and hide.
    (Not Stropster, the midget mutant hamster)

    Lovely photos.

    1. Twisted Scottish Bastard,
      I'll try to get a photo of him later . . . Just for you!
      Enjoyed your post this morning. I didn't comment as I couldn't trust myself to be grammatically correct, though I am from The "O" level era ;-)

    2. Don't worry, I never correct grammar or spelling on posts or comments...probably as many of us are "tired and emotional" when we post things.