Saturday, 3 March 2012

The wrong teeth

Just a quickie . . . The dentist phoned to say my teeth were ready for collection . . . Off I went pretty excited at seeing a replica of my teeth, plus missing ones, and being able to imagine them replacing what's left of the real thing . . . Until I got home and inspected them . . . They are tiny! I'm not at all pleased. I don't know what to do.
The first thing I have to do is go speak to the dentist. He did say that the first "temporary" set would not be what I wanted and would not fit properly until the gums had healed. Then they do a second permanent set to the shape of the healed "shrunk down" gums (yuk) . . .  But he only implied the second set would be a better fit . . . not better teeth . . . Certainly not bigger teeth
If they are intending to use the same small teeth on a better fitting denture then I can't do this . . .  I will have to re-think.
Do I presume that the impressions are only taken to get an idea of gum/mouth shape . . . not of existing teeth? There is no way they have made these teeth from the cast that was taken of my front teeth.

So I've gone from being excited and looking forward to new teeth . . . to wondering what the hell I'm gonna do? I am certainly not being "put to sleep" to wake up with that "joke" in my mouth.

I know this is partly my own doing for being afraid and leaving it for so long . . . But that doesn't mean that I don't care how I look. Quite the opposite, I now care enough to do something about it . . . And enough to not compromise.

Until two days ago, my biggest fear in the "tooth department" was not waking up from the anaesthetic . . . Now it's waking up with a row of even, straight baby teeth. Good Lord I'd rather keep what I have.

OK I'm gonna do the lottery today for the third time in my life. If I just won enough to go "private" and get the teeth I want and need to look like me, that's what I would spend it on.
I mean it's not like I'm 83 or something . . . I could be wearing these teeth for the next 30 (?!) . . . Ok, 20? years with my new healthy lifestyle ;-)

So apart from my teeth worry . . . All is fine . . .  All is more than fine. Twenty-Three days Clean!
I'm enjoying raking through memories, photographs, letters and drawings with a view to writing more "from the archives" . . .  I was very pleasantly surprised by the reaction to my first attempt (Prof Higgins - part one) . . . Thankyou all for reading and for your encouraging comments.


  1. I have been super busy and haven't read Prof Higgens yet...but will head over right after this. Call the dentist!!! Insist he make it right. (sorry for telling you what to is more confirmation of what you are already thinking, I hope. And congratulations on 23 days!!

    1. The dentist is saying that's how it is? That they're my teeth and they can't ever be the same as they're false!
      I might find a dental forum on-line and ask about this. It's hard to argue with the dentist as he is the expert and I've never examined anyone elses false teeth :-) but I hadn't imagined them like this. He just says they're right and "I told you, you wouldn't like them" . . . I need to get some advice. I don't mind being told what to do :-)

  2. Echoing Annette. On both counts. Call the dentist and huge congratulations.

    1. Thanks . . . I'm getting a bit obsessed by it all. Measuring each real one and each fake one . . . Finding old photos (as per next post) I even dreamed about it :-) O dear.

  3. 23!!! Brilliant!

    Go talk to the dentist about the teeth - I'm sure something can be done and like you say don't compromise it is very important to you. I had a load stuff done 22 years ago (I know exactly as Mrs F was heavily pregnant with our son) I never regretted it I had teeth behind the bottom ones, one on it's side almost etc. So whole of the top at the front was rebuilt. Still in my mouth now, still looks good

    1. Hi yes 24 Now!!
      It is important isn't it? I'm not just obsessing over nothing here. It's amazing the amount of strangers I've started up conversations with over the years (school gates/Dr's/in queues . . . All going fine until you smile and their whole attitude can change. And I'm not imagining that. I so want this to go well. I'm pleased it worked for you . . . And has lasted so well.

  4. I'm headed over to "part two" of this...I think it has a picture...