Sunday, 27 May 2012

Mythical Kings and Iguanas . . .

Ok, I'm not here to up-date although I will just quickly say everything is perfect, just as it should be . . . I'm still clean, my nails are still dirty from gardening and it's still warm at past midnight . . . Good grief is that the time. Right I'll get on with what I came here to do.

When I posted my Silverhip 1 & 2 posts on the  Flashes from the archives page I also posted "our tune" as Donovan's Catch the Wind.
When I posted the Higgins posts also on the Flashes from the archives page (number three coming soon), I so wanted to post "our tune" as we listened, relentlessly, to Dory Previn.
Anyway the album was not available on You Tube or anywhere else and I only have it on vinyl, very scratched vinyl at that. So last week I ordered the CD on-line, it arrived and Geekster, bless his little Geekster heart, is gradually putting the album, track by track on You Tube for me . . . for us.
I'll probably put three or four tracks from the album on this blog eventually, with the future Higgins posts, but just for now . . . to catch up as it were and just because I just simply love this song, here's the first one; the one that we always considered to be "our tune" . . . for Eliza and Professor Higgins.
Going Home (Mythical Kings and Iguanas)

Since searching for this on-line, I discovered that Dory Previn died this year on Valentine's Day . . . R.I.P Dory Previn. Thankyou for all of your beautiful lyrics and music, on this album especially x

Ps . . . Sunday morning. I was too tired to add this last night; when I searched for this CD on-line I found this post on a music and arts blog. It's An excellent tribute to Dory, I learned a lot there that I didn't know about her. I will be ordering her autobiographical book, she had a troubled but very interesting life.

Right, it's another sunny day; I'm off to do the gardening! here's to another clean and busy day, love to all x


  1. I love love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!!!!!!!!! It is one of my absolute favorites. Love it! Love it!!!!! Fantastic. Thanks for the joy I just had of listening to it again. xxxxxx

    1. O Mrs D . . . One of the last things I did last night, after commenting at your blog, was say a little prayer for you . . . Now, on my first coffee, I log in . . . and find you! A joyful you!! how fantastic is that?
      Also when I looked on-line for her CD, I found a post on someones blog which I'm gonna link to in a minute as a "ps" to this post . . . It's an excellent tribute to her life.
      I also managed, last night, to put a few more tracks from the album on You Tube. Yes, all by myself, Geekster will be impressed!!
      It's another beautiful, sunny day here; I'm off to do the gardening after this coffee.
      Have a brilliant day Mrs D, much love sent your way x x x

  2. Darn. I was listeningand reading then clicked to comment and lost it. I'll go back. So glad you are feeling/doing better again. I found that gardening was good for me again too. I was worried that I'd lost all feel for it because of the past few years but I must be better as it was wonderful to get my hands dirty again and I'm itching to get back to the garden Centre and attack more of the yard.

    1. Jeannie, That's great news . . . Me too, I wondered if I could find the time and motivation for it, but having started, I can't stop. Two days solid now.
      It is a great feeling to get dirty and sun burned isn't it.
      Now tell me this, click over briefly to Dory Previn's tribute link please, and tell me, is that how you looked when you were younger, as I always imagine it is.
      Enjoy your garden and feeling better x

    2. Ps. It's not the best photo of her, but you get the gist.

  3. Good that you are clean and gardening! It has been warm here, but amazingly not oppressively hot as it usually is this time of year.

    1. Morning Syd,
      I've planted a good 20 pots out on the patio . . . photos to follow when I can grab the Geekster and his phone, I must get a camera one day.
      It's been a scorcher here too although they forecast a change today.
      Bit worried about Gledwood . . .
      Take care Syd and enjoy your boat in the sun.

    2. Ps . . Gledwood has posted, I've not read it yet but at least he's alive.

  4. Good work with YouTube - Many thanks, Steve

    1. Hi Steve,
      Hey I shocked Geekster (son 13) the other morning. I'd sat up until 2am and worked out how to get the tracks onto You Tube myself; that's why the album is almost there. He was beyond impressed . . . they do underestimate us "oldies". Take care.

  5. Gardening can be so theraputic, so is Donovan...goodness I haven't heard that for many years.

    I still prefer Judy Collins though.

    1. Twisted Scottish Bastard,
      Yeah, gardening AND Donovan together is wonderful.
      I'm not sure if I know any Judy Collins, I'll go and check her out on You Tube. Was it Judy Collins that sang "Those were the days my friend" . . .? Maybe.
      I'll go and see.

    2. I think it's the same Judy Collins.
      try this gentle ballad:
      or this one about addiction.

    3. Ahh Yes, I do know of her, a beautiful voice. Thanks for the links, an interesting interview.
      She covers a few Cohen songs and does a very good cover of the Sandy Denny track - "Who knows where the time goes?" which I posted here along with Melanie and Bert Jansch.;postID=8742078362701371825
      That feels like an awful long time ago now, that's good though, that's progress.
      Thanks x

    4. Twisted Scottish Bastard,
      Sorry that's wrong, this is the link, I just checked. Its only 6 months ago.

  6. well there you go - never really heard of Mrs Preview... thanks for filling my knowledge gap in.

    I was out in the garden on Sunday until I decided that the level of sweat from my brow was too much and an ice cream and a sit in the deckchair with a guitar was much better... I did attack the dreaded bindweed stuff that I get in the front garden - honestly you can almost see it growing if you stand still flipping stuff

  7. Furtheron . . . That's Ok, you're welcome. I didn't know much about her, other than I liked her music and that she was the former Mrs. Previn . . . Until I found "Instant Steve's" blog, very informative on many levels.
    It's been a real scorcher eh. I had that bindweed stuff for a few years, I think I probably killed it with normal weedkiller when I did the dandelions.
    Years ago, when my garden was extremely neglected, I had bindweed in the shape of a shopping trolley . . . it was quite artistic really . . but it had to go, along with the trolley.