Sunday, 20 May 2012

Yay!! some holiday pics

Hamster paws! 
I have a spare hour (whoopee) so I will get some holiday pics over here. I'll do a few now and maybe some more another day. I won't spend too long any time trying to set them out in order or writing comments with them as they are mostly self-explanatory . . . Apart from that thing on my Brother's head; It's a cushion from the car, filled with tiny plastic pellets, which he managed to mould to the shape of his head . . . and then wear.

Conway harbour

A friend came to visit us for the first night, hence the extra tent and car
This little tent on the left is my "weekend tent". Bro and wife are taking the photo from the camper-van.

Looking out towards Llandudno

At the top of the "hill" behind the field we're camped in.

From the top of the hill, looking down on the village where my Dad lives, Penmaemawr.

My "hand-knitted" jumper (lol)

Brave Hamper G and Bro

And Bernie ;-)

The Chef

Our rope swing

I don't usually wear  my Pj's with a jumper (hand-knitted), or look this bossy! Really ;-)

Bro's & wife's camper van and awning (posh folk)

Not enough wind (in Wales!?) and the farmer's house.

Looking towards the campsite from the beach

Bernie flicking his ears back and posing

Looking over to Anglesey, home of "Prince William and Kate"

Ok, as I'm sure you can imagine, with such beautiful scenery and a new camera to play with there are many more pictures but these show what we love about camping there. The field, the beach, the sea, the food, the campervan . . . all of it. Just relaxing in our old clothes and boots, with cushions on our heads . . . not caring what anyone thinks ;-)
I hope you enjoyed it . . . I did. My hour is up . . . Bro just texted to say I can go up for coffee now as they've had Hamper G for a while; to take her out as a reward  for going to school.
I'll be back later, I'm feeling a bit happier . . . Thanks for all your kind comments this morning. I cried . .  then I laughed. I'm blessed to have you friends . . . and camping trips to Wales with my family . . . and lots more stuff  x


  1. WHAT FUN!!!!! It looks like the perfect holiday. Its so beautiful where you were. Your brother cracks me up and Bernie is handsome :)

    1. It is Barbara . . . there are some real good places to visit when we go for longer in the Summer.
      Yes Bro is a bit of a clown . . . who would think, looking at him, that he was a 77kg (he's 6ft5") heroin addict until he was 33, he was homeless and in and out of prison, his whole life revolved around it. There is always hope. He is so happy now.
      Bernie is quite a character too.
      Take care x

  2. Great pics/time... my sons girlfriend comes from Llandudno

    1. Yes Furtheron it was great and amazingly good weather too. The bouncy slide thing is on Llandudno pier.

  3. Looks like a fabulous time! A good time for everyone though perhaps a little nippy - but then that keeps the crowds away (if there are ever crowds there). Beautiful scenery. Idyllic.

    1. Hi Jeannie, It was good, I just love camping; living with the basics.
      Llandudno and Conway get very busy in the Summer . . . and possibly even Anglesey now "The Royals" have moved in.
      It was warm for May although I wouldn't have gone in the sea . . . Even in July I'm a bit reluctant. But the kids are straight in there.
      O well, off again in August to a bigger site on the West coast of Wales. That'll be with the (3 bedroom) trailer tent . . . with electric hook up, internet, "proper" kitchen etc. Not quite so basic but all good fun.

  4. It's beautiful. Maori have a name for a place that is very special to a person, they call it their "Turangawaiwai" translated as "your place to stand" (sort of!) I have a beach here that is my 'turangawaiwai' it stays in my heart for ever, and lifts my spirits the minute I get there. Glad you are a bit better today. Keep going.
    Kiwigirl xo

    1. Thanks Kiwigirl,
      That is definitely my Turangawaewae, I like that . . . If waewaew is feet, is one foot wae?
      Thanks for your comment this morning, I'm not so worried now I know that other kids cry too. My boys never did so I wasn't sure. It wouldn't have hurt the teacher to have reassured me really . . . but there you go. Good job I've got you ;-)
      Thanks again, take care x

  5. Sorry should be 'Turangawaewae'. Waewae meaning feet! Cos wai is water. Just wanted to clear that up!

    1. Cheers, I enjoy learning about foreign languages and their origins.

  6. What a beautiful place! And your brother has a VW camper! That is my dream car!! LOL seriously! I am an old hippie at heart. You sound so good and I am so happy for you.

    1. Hi Annette,
      Just on first coffee . . . then a day travelling to prison and back, I'll report later if I'm not too tired.
      Yes I'd love a campervan too, if I learn to drive that is.
      It was one of my Brother's dreams too, along with a wonderful wife, good life etc. It always seemed just a dream until he got clean . . . and then it became a reality. Only believe.
      I'm an old hippie at heart too and yes, I'm feeling much more positive . . . Just as well today ;-)
      Back later, enoy your day x

  7. What an incredible place. And so green. I can't get over how green it is. Which is what I say everytime an episode of 'Time Team' comes on the telly. It looks magical, and as if everyone was having fun. Which is what holidays should be and often aren't.

    1. The E'sC,
      Morning! just got five mins spare till the rush starts . . . until 7pm, I've arranged for Bro to phone me on the train at 6.30pm to make sure I don't sleep through my station, as I so nearly did last time.
      Whilst we were camping that became my "catchphrase" . . . I kept on saying "quelle verdure" to the point of getting on my own nerves, let alone everyone elses . . . but it really was SO green.
      It is a kind of magical place and, as you say, holidays are often not all they're cracked up to be; with so many plans and activities to cram in.
      We had no plans other to enjoy those things which are free . . . the best things. (apart from the fair!)
      Enjoy your day and I'll hopefully be back later x

  8. Great photos and beautiful countryside! I would so like to visit Wales some day.

  9. I really enjoyed seeing those pictures! =)