Sunday, 27 November 2011

Just for this morning . . .

I woke up 9am Yay lie in!!, with this song in my head and have sung it at top volume ever since.
Much to Stropsters annoyance, Hamper G's amusement and Geekster's indifference. Really I'm sure if I asked him what I'd been singing all morning he would say "I didn't know you had been singing" :-)

Beautiful song, beautiful man (Cat Stevens), beautiful day.

Back later. 27(? must count them today) Hamsters to clean out amongst other things. Annette of  "Journey of recovery  . . . Search for serenity" had me checking my skirting boards ( US.baseboards, I'm learning a whole new language here) this morning . . . They could do with a wipe shall we say. I always do my Spring clean in December so the house is pristine for Criggy . . . I'm getting so damned excited.

Did almost all of Hamper G's shopping on line yesterday. It's my first year on-line . . . how easy was that? No queueing or searching round endless shops to find they have all sold out of Penguins of Madagascar for the Innotab (kids I-pad) Hamper's main pressie. Even on-line I struggled. It was gone. Everywhere. Yes even Amazon. I didn't want to pay double on E-bay. Geekster came to the rescue, as he does with all things involving cyberness . . . and went through Google Earth to find it!! He found one copy. Yay!! Bless the Geekster, Bless em all, Bless you all.


  1. My daughter loves Cat Stevens - she'd have been singing it along then gone on to every other song on that album. I used to have a hard time in church singing it as written there because it lacked the passion of Steven's arrangement.

    Congrats on the shopping getting done. I don't know where to even start. The kids are too old and it's impossible to get them something that will thrill them - too much money - not that they expect to be thrilled - well the oldest does for some reason. Lily shouldn't be too hard, if I can get her list but man, kid's stuff isn't cheap like it used to be.

  2. Jeannie, O absolutely it has to be sung a la Stevens . . . love the piano arrangement too.
    Too right its expensive. Every year almost £1000 for the day!! one day! I know the stuff lasts, thats why I make sure they have some clothes thrown into that lot, but even so Hamper G needs more toys like a hole in the head . . . O well, I try not to think about what I could buy with the money that we actually need :-) The kids love it and they not kids forever. I bet Dexter & Co get pressies.

  3. I wanted to thank you for all of your very honest and thoughtful comments you leave on my blog and others. I read over at Barbara's blog that you said you have wondered if we are all thinking "who is she...she is part of the problem." That is the furthest thing from the truth my dear. You represent all of those we love who struggle with addiction. I need to hear life from your perspective. You are a valuable voice here in our blogger world. Please know that everything I read from you is much appreciated and I am so glad you are here. Ps: I love Cat Stevens too. :o)

  4. God love the internet... soon I'll be able to not have to have any human interaction with any one ;-)

    No seriously I love it too... even the kids now do a "wish list" in Amazon and I just go in and order the stuff... soooooo easy! Done!

  5. i woke up with the theme song for the cartoon"pinky and the brain.." da da da da H joined in on an obscure harmony....and she wants that very game for her leapster explorer,great minds....!Nearly time for the tree,been saving that pleasure for early december. :) xxxxxxx

  6. Annette,
    Thanks lovey, I really appreciate that :-) You've made me feel very welcome and valued . . . Huge hug and love sent your way x
    ps. Loving the Christmas tree.

    Well funny you should say that . . . I've don't have a lot of human interaction, not on an adult level anyway. Certainly I have more on-line than in real life . . . I would've never imagined that could be.
    I'm usually a last minute Christmas shopper. I can't believe its still November and I've done more than half of it.
    I'd actually got that totally wrong about Geekster finding the game on Google earth
    (as if !?) He thought that was hilarious.
    . . . apparently it was Google images he'd put it on to find where there was one available. O well it begins with Google ;-)

  7. Annie,
    Seems thats a very popular game. There are many others available but there's just something about penguins innit? Geekster found it in a very obscure place . . I paid on my card plus first class post delivery . . . So just gotta wait n see :-/
    O the tree. I can't wait. Got my "spring" clean to do first! "I'm so excited! . . . I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and I think I like it, Doo Do Doo!!" Ok on that note I'm off to make an ovaltine . . .mmmmm. "Love n larfter" to you lot x x x :-D

  8. I LOVE CAT STEVENS! I could listen to that voice for hours on end...and often do. And yes, he's a beautiful man.

    Good thing you have Geekster in the family, everyone needs a tech person (that would be me in my family).

    I love Annette's comment about you - and so agree. YOU and others that know the addict side of things help me the MOST. Plus, you have hamsters. Anyone who has small furry pets is special in my book (I miss my rats).

  9. PS what's your favorite Cat Stevens song?

  10. Barbara, I'm on my first coffee . . . I woke up before the alarm (6.55) to the sound of the bin lorry . . Slowly my mind registers . . . SHIT I dint put the bin out. I got up, ran out in my pj's in the rain, dragged the overfilled outdoor bin (almost as big as me) down the street to catch the bin men!! Made them laugh anyway ;-)
    Thanks for making me feel so welcome. It's just sometimes telling it from the addicts side seems so harsh when I know you are hurting. You are strong and brave though and seem to want the truth.
    Would you consider another rat? Favourite song? Thats hard to decide I love them all. If I could only ever hear one again it might have to be morning has broken or my lady d'urbanville or . . . ;-) x

  11. I love me some Cat Stevens too! This is your first year internet shopping!! I don't go in stores anymore, Amazon is the whole world on a website.

    Thanks for your comment, it made me smile. Seriously, I don't hate addicts. I'm just tired of my son's whining. Even when he is not using, he is still whining..LOL.

  12. Lou,
    Yep my first year . . . I'm not sure why I resisted going on-line for so long. I'm a bit weird like that. I only "gave in" to a tv in the house 10 yrs ago when my eldest, 6 at the time, needed one for his games console . . now they both have 40" flat screens in their rooms. They both had laptops a couple of years back as the one computer caused too many fights. Then Geekster made me an E-mail account, hence the name bugerlugs (not my choice, but its kinda stuck) The first thing I ever typed in was a search on "Heroin drought" (Jan 2011)as I wondered how wide spread it was . . . which took me straight to Gledwood's blog . . . and here I am!
    I don't think I'll be going in many more stores either.

    I'm glad it made you smile. It made me smile too as it didn't really feel like my idea if you know what I mean . . . I read your post and comments, scrolled up, saw those words and it was like auto-pilot. Then I smiled. Felt priveleged to maybe being "used" to make you smile. I know you don't hate addicts and totally know where you're coming from. Junkies do seem to do more than their share of whining . . and isn't being "high" supposed to equate being "happy"??
    Apparently not!? They don't exactly smile a lot. Moaning, miserable bunch. Like you said in a previous post, always searching a "diagnosis" for some "illness" (that made me snile) . . . I'll give them one . . "Addict", simple. No but really :-) O I could go on all night. Maybe I'll do a post. I did enjoy yours. x

  13. Snile? See, I can't even type the word. Smile.