Monday, 23 April 2012

Diminishing differences

Hey, well that was all a bit exhausting, I must say . . .  I can almost see why some folk lie, I said almost.

So, I'm exhausted. It was worth it though, I came to some clear conclusions. And that's always good. The goodness of it doesn't even depend on the conclusion, the good is in being able to take a huge tangle of messed up stuff, belonging to me and others, and separate my strands from the rest; untangle them and smooth them out one by one.

Check them out one by one and work out what I'm left with.

That's always a good start. A start. Then, looking at what I'm left with, I work out the differences between that, and what I would like to be left with. The differences are definitely becoming fewer. Much less than when I started this blog Six months ago.
So that's good.

I set out tonight, for the second time, to tell the tale of  "White Boy"  (hamster on the run) . . . But Seventeen! of you bloggers, that I follow, had posted. I'm too tired to think, so I read and enjoyed. I need an early night and it's Twenty past Ten . . . I'll check the time of posting to see if this new bloggery thing gets it right. Then I'm off to bed.

I added sit-ups, press-ups and "dips" to my daily workout yesterday and I ache now. But not for long.

BBC2 has an hour of 70's reggae and Ska on right now.
"Hurts so good" is playing, for anyone who knows these tunes . . . Classic.  Goodnight all you lovely folk. Thanks, as always.

Up town (Upton) top ranking now . . . . Me strictly roots. Juju.
Monkey man now :-)
Ooo ya bugger I needed to hear that . . . Night x


  1. Keep it up! -
    I don't understand why anyone would lie on a blog. What would be the point? Don't expect to understand yourself completely or for the knowledge to cure you but lean toward self forgiveness as well as for others. It's hard but you can learn to accept and enjoy who you are.

    1. Jeannie ... Nice to wake up to you!
      No I don't "get" the point of lying, apart from to try and be something I'm not . . . Now that would just confuse me, especially as I'm still trying to work out who I am!?
      Yes forgiveness is a big one. I am starting to feel better about myself . . . Now I need to blitz this house. Where to start.

  2. Disentangling those mixed up strands can be very difficult. Particularly when those of others have joined the mess that you have at the start. Hard but rewarding.
    And to know that you are moving in the right direction? A bit of fist pumping here. You have done so good. You rock!

    1. The E'sC,
      Yes I had a few days of "doing my head in". And trying to work out what I really wanted.
      Sometimes for me, it's hard to work out which is my own opinion among so many.
      The result of all this detangling is I'm beginning to trust myself. To trust me to know what's right for me. That's new and I like it. Thanks E'sC.

    2. I am loving your newfound trust in yourself. A huge step. Hugs.

  3. I found that blogging kept me more honest for some reason. I don't know why, it just did. Accountability I suppose?

    Picking apart those strands and examining them is tough. I'm still doing it in my fourth step. Well, okay, I'm in pause mode at the moment because of what's going on, but you know what I mean. Looking in the mirror is hard.

    1. Elsie!
      When you first commented here as Elsie, I thought you were someone new . . . Then I realised it's Lovey!
      O absolutely, I doubt I'd be at this point without this blog and all it's brought with it.
      As I said above, I'm learning to trust myself, and my opinion, which is new to me . . . at 49!
      I've always trusted myself to nuture the kids . . . but myself? well I'mm starting right here. Right now.
      Mirrors? what are they ;-)

    2. LOL - I know, stupid mirrors!!

      Didn't mean to confuse you with the name change AND the new blog name too - it's still your Lovey!!

  4. Detangling!?! Maybe it's like fine chains that gets all messed up in the drawer, you choose one strand at a time and follow it through the mess to the end, and somehow while you're working away, oblivious to all those other strands, the rest of the strands become half de-tangled as a result of all the hard work on that first strand!
    That's the picture in my head as I read through this blog entry, like you have just picked up a neck-lace to de-tangle! It will be so beautiful and wearable when you have all finished. so keep working on those individual strands.
    Love Kiwigirl.

    1. Kiwigirl,
      That's exactly how it is! I'd forgotten about other strands getting de-tangled as a by-product of me de-tangling just one! That's how it works - you're right.
      I should know this, as whenever (rarely) I decide to wear a necklace . . . That is always the scenario. And I always find that quite therapeutic (sp?). Now I know why!
      Hopefully I'll be wearing it for my 50th birthday! (It may still require some work, but I reckon it will be wearable) . . . Love and thanks to you Kg x

  5. Good on the exercises, Bugs. I have about 75 blogs that I read but caanot get enough time to read them all.

    1. I never feel like working out . . . But I'm always pleased that I did afterwards.
      I'm a bit OCD about reading the ones that I get updates on . . . and about answering comments . . and about . .