Friday, 27 April 2012

New pages news

The observant among you may have noticed I've just added a few extra pages to this blog. I've only just discovered how to do it, after wanting to do it for some time . . . So I got a bit carried away with it.
Of course there's not much on those pages yet . . . bear with me, there will be.

Now I need to know, how much space is there on a separate "page" . . . is it just a page? Or can there be as many posts/articles/drawings as I want on each "page". As in, could I write all my WaW type posts under "fixing the mind" or would I need to write them on my day to day blog and just put links to them on the "Fixing the mind" page . . . . I hope this makes sense. It's probably a really obvious answer but as it's taken me Six months to work out how to add these pages . . . I thought I'd just ask this time. Talking of simple . . .

For anyone interested in the 12 steps and/or recovery and addiction in general I've just found a new blog. Hey I could put a link to it on my fixing the mind page . . . but I'll put it here instead   It really is 12 steps made simple . . . Simple enough for me to understand but very interesting.

OK, that's all for now . . . I'll go and put some stuff on those new pages. The artwork will be drawings that are already on this blog as a part of various posts . . . But I will scan some new ones in over the weekend . . . hopefully.

Thanks to everyone who reads here. I see Pakistan has visited again today, Hello . . . I love that we can see where folk are reading from. I wonder what brings them here.

I'm hoping to start "detoxing" this house over the weekend . . .   I intend to clear every drawer, cupboard, nook and cranny out and re-decorate. Everywhere. I might need a new page called "Fixing the house" with before and after photos . . . and the garden . . . and  . . . and . . .

Goodnight. Sweet, peaceful dreams and days  x

Ps. I just asked Geekster how much space there would be on a page . . . "A page is as big as you want a page to be . . . It's a page" (!?)


  1. Hey, if you need any advice on decorating just ask. It's what I do for a living (most of the time). Thankyou for the encouraging comment, but it often takes a minute to say something that can take a lifetime to work out.
    Sweet dreams X

    1. Karl, Ok, I will ask if I need to know anything, thanks.
      I know all too well Karl that it's all easy said, as the saying goes . . .
      "When all is said and done, there's a lot more said than done!"
      We both know how much easier life "happens" without it, so . . . We can do it.
      Take care mate x

    2. ps . . . D'ya like how I managed to incorporate "Flashes from the Archives"? ;-)

  2. Heroin will produce tissue dependence in anyone that uses it for a period of time and the dependent person will have withdrawal symptoms at the end of a run but this not an allergic reaction.
    An allergy is an unusual physical reaction to a substance upon first inoculation that does not occur in the average individual.
    I have known a few guys that kicked a heroin habit and would use for a night from time to time and not go on another run or develop a problem with another substance. As a matter of fact most all of the people I grew up abused substances when we were young but most all of them matured out of it in their late teen to early 20’s and could drink and even use like gentlemen with further problems.
    I am one of the allergic ones. Every time I take a drink or smoke weed or anything I can’t stop. And my runs used to last for years. Am I still allergic? Last summer I tried to drink a beer and the same thing happened. It seems that once Allergic, always Allergic.
    I have been working on a book about the problem and the solution to it. If you would like to see it I’ll be happy to send it to you…… Doug

    1. Yes, I would love to see it, thankyou for your kind offer.
      I made time last night to read your posts and found them very interesting and well written.
      Now I have to work out if I'm allergic. I had a drink at Christmas and didn't carry on . . . I'm down to using once a week and usually feel so crap the next day that I wonder why I went and spoilt it all . . . Maybe I'm not then. Maybe I just got into bad habits. And maybe I'm kidding myself . . .
      Yes I would love to read it, thanks again.
      Shall I E-Mail you my address?

  3. You are clever. I haven't the remotest idea how to create pages - nor the need to do so.
    I love, love, love your artwork.

    Have a great weekend (25 hyacinths and 50 freesias in the ground today).

    1. The E'sC
      Wow, that's a lot of work . . . I hope you didn't over-do it and crawl back to the house. I find it hard to stop once I start gardening, until my back screams "NO more". That's once I start though . . . I haven't started yet.
      We have so much rain here at the moment, I should have put the grass seed in before this rain . . . But we were still having frosts. Having said that, I'm not sure if frost would kill young grass, or whether that was just my excuse at the time.
      I'm Hoping to scan something a bit different in later.

  4. A page is a page. I like that. You are detoxing your home and I am still unpacking mine. This is the best time of year to get rid of the old. Do you like flea markets and yard sales? I do, and I get so much cool stuff cheap. One man's junk...I get afraid of becoming a hoarder because I hate getting rid of things, so I used this move to "detox" my junk. Sometimes simple changes can really cheer you up. I just added your blog link to mine. Art is a great way to unwind and relax. Getting ready to check out your drawings! Have a great day and weekend. Hugs and Love...Lori

    1. Hey Lori . . . I've just posted a new pic from the archives, you might like it.
      I love flea markets and "Car boot sales" . . . But I tend to over-buy as I can't resist a bargain! And there are many.
      I need to have a ruthless clearout of clothes, toys, books, games, everything . . . But I have to be in the "right" mood. Otherwise I'll find myself holding a little fluffy coat, that might fit a two year old, thinking . . . "O it's so sweet, I could keep it for when/if I have grandchildren . . ." Half an hour later I'll still be trying to decide what to do with it. Decisions eh.
      I'm hoping I'll find time to get back into drawing once Hamper G (5) is at school. I did used to enjoy it a lot.
      You too, have a great weekend and take good care. Hugs n love x

  5. thanks for the link... off to have a look

    1. That's OK. I enjoyed the festival video, well done you!

  6. Catching up with you after too long. Glad thT you are doing well.

    1. Hey Syd, pleased you're still here, Thanks.