Sunday, 1 April 2012

What's that creature coming out of the wardrobe?

I wish I could find more "writing time". I did used to start when Hamper G went to sleep . . . Then Stropster (son 16) pointed out that I have my head in that "effing laptop" every time he sits down with me. He works till 6pm then it's dinner together (?) he don't like detests people talking when they're eating! and we do tend to be eating at dinner time . . . at the table. He must get that off my Dad. It was silence at the table when we were young. Elbows touching ribs and "Please may I leave the table?" I digress. I haven't got time to digress. I wish I had. After dinner he has a bath and catches up with his mates, either in real life or via his laptop (Did you hear that? Yes, I did too) for an hour or so. When Hamper G is asleep he'll come and sit with me . . . and my laptop. My laptop being "my friends" . Yeah you and you. All of you. My friends.

Hamper G (5) is constantly on my case during the day. Example, in the time it's taken me to write those few lines, we've had,
"Mum, I 'll get in the wardrobe and scratch the door . . . and you have to say; "What's that noise in the wardrobe?"
Then . . . I'll come out and you say "What's that creature coming out of the wardrobe?" . . . and I say . . . then you say . . . Mum!!! you didn't say it right. You're supposed to say . . . OK? Then when I say (?)  you say . . ."
We've had much much more than that, but you get the tedious picture. So then I feel guilty, I shouldn't be doing this when she needs my time . . . In other words whilst her eyes are open. The boys were much better at amusing themselves. I suppose as they were three years apart they had each other. Hmmmm . . . Thank God. Ok I certainly aint got time to digress down the very well trodden "guilt trip lane" this morning.

During those few lines I've tied her feet together very tightly with a scarf. No, really your honour . . she asked me to. Sorry, told me to. She rarely asks. She's a bossy little hound. Very demanding.
The weather has been so good all week that we've spent everyday playing/eating/walking in the park or garden and been exhausted by 8pm . . . .
There is so much I want to write about.  "Mum, when are we going downstairs?"
"Mum, I'm hungry"  . . . I'll quickly point out here that I have fed her this morning ;-)

Ok, I give up . . . I surrender. I know I should be grateful for these children surrounding me . . . I am. No really, I am. I'm sure things will be easier when they find a school place for Hamper. She needs and loves the stimulation that comes with socialising. (I'm E-mailing the authorities almost daily re the situation) . . . and I need and love the stimulation that comes from being alone . . . Alone with my piano, my weights, my pencil, my garden and my "laptop". You lot. Thankyou all for being here whether you're reading, commenting or blogging. "MUM!! Come ON! I  thought you said you were DONE?"
I have to go. Just thanks. And thankyou God for a sunny day, a clear mind and three precious kids :-)

No time to edit . . . MUM!!!
 . . . . OK!!!
"Oooo!! (feign surprise) What's that creature coming out of the wardrobe?"


  1. LOL Poor you - lucky you!

    I think you have a budding theatre/film director there. Yes, it's too bad she's not in school because then you could tell her to write the script down first before the performance. hmmm perhaps a script writer... and you'd have that time to do your own thing.

    Well, as I'm writing this, my dog is dragging his leash around as a subtle hint at what he's ready for.

    1. Off to the flats with Dex then. Bless him.
      I've worked solid today. Hopefully I'll get some time to write later . . .
      I love the Boat room & pictures. I always rush through post updates when I see them (if I'm allowed ;-))with an optimistic hope of going back later to read/look again and maybe even comment. Often, by the time I come back for a second look/read there's a new post . . . And round we go.
      I promised myself to not "follow" any more (lack of time) but I had a sneaky look at Ms Moons blog the other day and I'm already wanting to know if she has posted since then. No more after that one then :-)

  2. Oh my does this bring back memories. They do suck up all the energy in the Universe and that includes ours. But what a boring and crappy Universe it would be without them.

    Will your laptop fit in the bathroom (loo)? That's where I did most of my reading when mine were little . And by bathroom I mean toilet. That's the only place the really didn't want to be with me...most of the time anyway.

    Thanks for a great post!

    1. O you're so right there. My Brother and SIL so badly want children and it is looking less and less likely. I know it's not a matter of "who deserves them, gets them" (Lord knows I wouldn't have got any) But if it was . . . They would so deserve them.
      They're the life of the house. The heart.

      The toilet? . . . O I wish. Even that's no longer sacred! Nothing is. Apart from them little buggers ;-)

      Stay strong x

  3. Anyone who has had kids gets this post! In retrospect, I wish I had stopped more and played and listened. We will all still be here when you have the time. We are grateful for you too! So grateful.

  4. The best blog posts are like this...just life...and honest, a little humor, off the cuff.

    Really, we are so different, yet we are all connected. I'm a mother, and had little ones in the wardrobe (we call it closet). My little ones are 34 and 29, but those closet games are etched in my heart forever. And the time from 3 years to 33 years went so fast! You are doing a wonderful job.

    1. Thanks Lou ... That's what I love about this bloggery, so many different lives and people connected and supporting each other. I'm sure without this blog and all that it brings with it, I would be stuck where I was 6 months ago . . . Perish the thought.
      Looking forward to your next post.

  5. Yeah, my kids are all grown up, and I miss those crazy, busy, fun times. But I am an early childhood teacher, so I get my fill of dramatic play during the day then come home to lovely peace and quiet and TIME!
    Using my teachers 'hat' I know that children need other children for those dramatic play scenarios they love to act out, so keep on pestering the authorities. I can't believe that there is no place for poor Hamper G. Wouldn't happen here, every child starts school at 5 even if it means over-crowding in some classes! Meanwhile, you are obviously doing an excellent job of fulfilling all those relationships children require to thrive. Mother, father, sister, playmate, cook, cleaner, nurse.........etc.!

    1. Hi, Thanks for reading.
      I know, it's not good is it. If I were to keep Hamper G away from school they would prosecute me. The reception class had 34 pupils, 2 have moved on so there are 32 (?) . . . But no places are open to be applied for until the class is down to 29. It's utter nonsense. It has been suggested to me that it might be discrimination . . . And I'm seriously beginning to wonder!?
      She just loves it when we get a few hours on the park where she can make friends and she's so keen to learn. She's learnt to write out and recognise the whole alphabet and numbers up to twenty . . . but, as you say, she needs other children.
      Thanks for your input.