Monday, 2 April 2012

Two words.

It's the Easter holidays and snow is forecast for tomorrow!? . . . Two words. Easter Snow.
I had totally forgotten about this artist, Christy Moore . . . OK that's all folks!  I've work to do, mouths to feed, washing to dry . . . Monsters to slay! Enjoy your day.

He gazed at the embers in reflection
He called up lost verses again,
He smiled at a rogueish recollection
While his fingers gripped the glass to stem the pain.


  1. I know last week I was walking around London feeling so hot and surrounded by people stripping off their clothes and now in a couple of days seems I'll be freezing my arse off! Love the English weather and it's completely predictable unpredictability!

    1. Mad innit? I so nearly put all the grass seed down last week . . . Glad I didn't now. I won't believe this "snow thing" until I see it though. I hope you're keeping well.

  2. Easter snow is certainly not unheard of for us - this year it looks pretty doubtful which suits me fine.

    Nice song

    1. I would've said it was looking extremely doubtful here . . . But there we go. It still feels impossible now as I've been out in the sun most of the day . . . We'll see.
      I thought of you and Gary as I posted the song. With Gary being Irish and familiar with a lot of the stuff I listen to. Glad you like it.

  3. Hi,
    Great tune, Christy Moore is timeless.
    Rock on. XKarl

    1. Hey Karl! Long time . . . No post? how's it going?
      Either way it would be good to read a post.
      I was looking for a Roy Harper song the other day on You Tube - pretty sure it aint there - but you might know what it's called. The first line is "what a lovely day" . . . Later there's a line "What a mess we make" ;-)
      I have it on tape somewhere (?!) and can't remember the album etc . . . Any ideas?
      Take care x

  4. No Easter snow here--just a lot of sun and good breezes. Love your posts, Buger.