Wednesday, 22 February 2012


As is always the case, the reality was a walk in the park compared to the anticipation . . . Why can't I remember that next time? It's the same every time, yet I always put so much effort into convincing myself this time will be the exception . . . What's that about? Foolery.
Saying that, he did have to do the top impressions twice . . . and the second time he filled the "denture trough" with gunk, as he explained to the nurse that she hadn't put enough gunk in the first time!! Just after my heart rate had returned to normal after having survived the first "bite". It could only happen to me.

And what is it with dentists and sense of humour?  I don't know any dentists in "normal life" other than in the dental  surgery . . . I wonder if they are"different" in general . . . Who are they? . . Do you know one? I don't mean "know" in the biblical sense . . . No . . . I just mean know one to talk to?
I said to him "The only thing really bothering me is having to undergo a general anaesthetic"
"In case I die"
"O yes, well that can happen"
"Aren't you supposed to reassure me?"
"Well I suppose I could lie and say it won't happen, as you're not likely come to back to tell me I lied if it does  happen!?! . . Har har. He sounds German but they say he's Portuguese. He doesn't look Portuguese. He looks Swiss. German Swiss.

Even though I only have six front top teeth left I am rather partial to them. I've known them for a long time. They are quite big, slightly protruding with a "pronounced" over -bite (Goofy?) . . . But that's what suits my face . . . That's what I'm used to. I'm quite concerned about that disappearing. Ermm . . .
"When I get this top denture, it will be the same as my teeth won't it? . . .  the same angle and over-bite?"
"No. Not that bad"(!) He said
"Yes but I want it to be that bad" . . . That's the point . . .  I want them as close as possible to the real thing . . Complete with faults, angles and over-bite . . . like they are now . . . why is that not possible? Is it possible? " . .  .  He was starting to look a bit impatient.
Possibly thinking . . . If you were so bothered maybe you should have come eight twelve years ago.
So I shut up. For now.

And I'm gonna shut up (for now) again because "One born every minute" is on. It's "fly on the wall" thingy following women through childbirth. I'm not sure why I want to watch it really. I got quite frantic last week as a woman naturally gave birth to the second twin, who was breeched. You knew it was touch and go when the "old prof "was called in. It was a worrying five minutes.

Stropster has finally got his own bank account so I can have mine back. Yay to the joys of on-line shopping again . . .  and with money to spend on myself  this time ;-) Now that is a novelty.

I'm off to look for boots. Yes boots. Spring boots, Summer boots . . . I'm not really a shoe person. I'm a tired person. Too tired to look for boots even. Goodnight good folk x


  1. I think its human nature to anticipate the worst about something we're nervous about. I sure hope he gets that you want YOUR teeth to look like YOUR teeth! I like overbites, I have a slight overbite and wouldn't want it changed. Keep us posted.

    I don't like shopping for anything, but boots would be nice.

    1. Yes it was beginning to feel a bit like a "hairdresser moment" where they start telling you what would suit you rather than listening to what you want. O I will definitely keep you posted.
      I've looked at hundreds of pairs of boots on-line . . . and can't seem to find "the" pair. Sod's law - if I didn't have the money I would soon see a pair.
      I'm real pleased your still blogging Barbara. x

  2. I believe that dentists are the profession most likely to complete suicide.
    I am pleased that on balance it was OK for you, and like Barbara hope that he listens to the fact that you would like to be yourself.

    1. They certainly seem "different" in some way . . . well the few I've met that is.
      Yes it was ok . . . Compared to going in hospital to be "put to asleep" it was just fine ;-)
      He did say the first temporary denture (4 months!) wouldn't be how I wanted . . . But hopefully the permanent one will be more true to life.
      It feels as though "they" are saying . . . If you've spent the last ? years with six top teeth you can't be that bothered what you look like . . . But that was out of fear . . . And if I'm to face those fears I sure want it to be worth it!
      Thanks as always and "hugs" all the way back to Oz.

  3. I'm off to the dentist tomorrow - half of one of my teeth fell out into my corn flakes this morning :-(

    One born every minute - only see the last few moments as I'm out at a meeting normally but last night I walk in two women in tears and they are saying "It was all ok".. I thought hell what would be like if it hadn't been! They were weeping for England but said because they were happy... women - odd creatures ;-)

    1. Ooo Dear . . . It's our age.
      There was a forceps delivery last night that was a bit "rush rush . . . It'll be ok" . . . Scarey.

      I think it's worse for the "spectator" as in my experience when it's actually happening to you, you go into a kind of coping mode . . . Maybe that was
      the pethidine ;-)

  4. I don't hang out with any dentists - we don't live in their neighborhoods (they make a lot more than doctors do here because of our system) but I find that the ones I've had over the years are quite normal people over all.

    I get along very well with my latest one, which is funny because he was dreading seeing me as much as I was dreading breaking in a new dentist - I was VERY anxious. But he listened, kept me free of pain which made me relax and become my crazy self and then I had him laughing. He wished I worked for him to liven things up. He did explain about a friend he'd made in dental school who was simply not blessed with a "bedside" manner - he was very smart and proficient but not good with people at all and had to give up public practise. They do not screen for this when admitting people to the school - same way that it is not required that teachers be good with kids. Insane.

    I had twins - naturally - second was a breach - and the doctor was freaking because he couldn't tell which way my daughter was coming. He was afraid she'd come sideways and rip me to shreds - there was no anesthetist available and there was no time to get one. (I'd had no labour pains at all - just Braxton Hicks - and only came in because they'd seemed too regular - 2 minutes apart) I was completely dilated the first time they checked me out. All went well in the end but the doctor apologized the next day.

    1. I did have one that I got on very well with until the practice went private about 13 yrs ago . . . Although he still had a strange sense of humour and used to tell stories which I was never sure were true or not. But I did build up a lot of trust with him and had they not gone private, I wouldn't be having a denture :-(

      I'm gonna start doing the lotto in the hope that I will win enough to go private and either have the work done gradually without general anaesthetic . . . Or have dental implants rather than a removable denture . . . Hey I can dream ;-)

      Wow your doctor must have panicked . . . It's so different nowadays . . . At the first "real" contraction . . . The midwives are offering epidurals and needless to say most of the women are accepting. It seems to create problems of its own though as the women, feeling no pain (or very little), do not seem to have the same pushing power, often making forceps or ventouse necessary.
      Also I think with most of our hospitals being under-staffed in midwifery, if the patient is already anaesthetised by epidural and things begin to go wrong, it's easier to whip them into theatre and perform a caesarean, or quickly do an episiotomy (sp?) if baby gets stressed or "stuck".
      They had tried to talk the woman with twins into having an epidural as I don't think they are keen on "natural multiple births" . . . But she had left it too late and they were seriously panicking. The prof literally had to "go in" with both hands to pull the second twin out and shout at the girl as she was protesting . . . He also apologized aferwards.
      I'm pleased I won't ever be facing that worry again. Three of my four were transverse, one of which they managed to turn, the other two had to be caesareans . . . Fwo errrr Sod that for a game.
      That sort of puts dental treatment in perspective . . . Although fear is fear.
      Well I've just soaked my feet for a couple of hours . . . To save the sheets ;-) I can't believe it's midnight. I keep ending my posts/comments/replies with "not believing" what time it is . . . Where does it go.