Sunday, 12 February 2012

Just in case you were wondering

Yay! I've been invited by Jeannie to answer some questions about myself then pose eleven similar questions to eleven other bloggers. I've seen this kind of thing on other blogs . . . and wondered if one would ever come my way. I swapped the vacation question (as any readers will know we camp out) for the look-a-likey question.
It has come at a good time as I wouldn't usually have time to indulge . . . but as I'm still on second day "forced rest"  . . . I've managed to keep the washing/drying down to four loads today, mopped the kitchen and made a "proper" shepherd's pie . . . I have a few hours spare to ponder.
I think this might do me good. Even if it only serves to remind me that I exist, this could be very valuable exercise.

1. What is(are) your secret (or not so secret) outrageous longing(s)?

Wow this has got me thinking. I went from thinking I didn't have one . . . To having to choose which one to write. I could be here a long time. I hate decisions . . . O for God's sake it can't be so complicated . . . This is question one! ermmmm
Ok to be a grade 8 pianist (or even just a real good pianist) . . . To make my kids proud of me (yes, I know totally outrageous ;-) . . . and to own and drive a camper van.

2. What kind of restaurants do you prefer right now? Or what's your favourite meal to make at home?

Well for the last few days (since I stopped using . . Did I mention I'd stopped using ;-) I have craved sweet chilli sauce!? I've been ordering doner kebab meat from the local "Take-away" just for something to put the sauce on. I could end up with a raging "sweet chilli sauce" habit.

3. What is your dream vacation?

O boy what a question . . .  At the minute, ideally, I could do with a week (maybe two) somewhere hot with a sea  breeze . . . clean, beautiful sand and sea. For the most part alone with some good books. Hotel suite leading onto beach. Top nosh. Personal trainer/masseur for an hour or two a day. A couple of "clothes/sandals/jewelry shopping therapy" days thrown in . . . O stop it. That's enough. I'm getting pissed off now ;-)

4. When relaxing in the evening, say on a Friday at home, what beverage would be sitting next to you?

Shit I was happy at that hotel . . . I've right come down now. Anyway, once again, until a few days ago it was Ovaltine . . . I couldn't go a night without it . . . BUT that went hand in hand with the gear. Hamper G  in bed  =  Ovaltine and foil out. No more. So it's a big mug of sweet chilli sauce hot Ribena!?
If I didn't know better I might think I was pregnant. My entire "taste" has changed.

5. Which goal in life have you achieved that gives you the most pleasure?

Well I can't claim to have achieved any goals as I don't remember having ever set any . . .  Shit! I just forgot my most recent . . . How could I forget? That was a goal wasn't it? . . . To get clean. That's definitely giving me pleasure. I still can't quite believe it . . . Sorry to go on but the question was very "leading" your honor.

6. Have you ever reluctantly done something you were urged to do by friends/family that you ended up really enjoying (good or bad)

Only the obvious. I'm not sure that I was urged to do it but certainly encouraged, as in  . . . Try it! you can't get addicted if you smoke it. I was definitely reluctant having got through 37 years without it but I thought I was "safe" and would not become an addict . . . Little did I know.

7. Have you ever done something that was, for you, very risky,exciting or dangerous?

Not recently no. Many years ago though yes although I didn't see or want to see the danger at the time. Possibly the most danger I put myself in was "running away" from a situation in Spain and hitching alone up through Spain to France. Three times during that escapade I thought I might die . . . but at the time I wasn't afraid. Which is possibly what got me through.

8. Have you ever had any "exotic" or unusual pets?

Only my 27 (?) Roborovski hamsters, who I must clean out tomorrow . . . And re-count.

9. Have you ever had an unusual job?

Hmmmm. Putting flyers under car windscreen wipers for a private detective in Nice in August! The heat was unbearable. The weight of the holdall full of flyers at the beginning of the day was back-breaking. But some of the things you catch people men doing in their cars . . . especially along the sea front was definitely unusual!

10. If you were available and found the right person, would you get married?

Yes I think I would . . . I've never been married and I would have to be so so sure it was right . . . But if I was that sure then yes.

11. Which famous person have you been told you look like?

Again, recently I haven't been told I look like anyone famous . . . When I lived in France I was constantly being told I looked like Jane Birkin (English actress/singer married  apparently not married, just together for many years with Serge Gainsborough. More famous in France than England) . . . It could've had a lot to do with speaking French with an English accent although I could see some similarities.

That's Sunday evening gone . . . I will post this and think up some questions to pass on tomorrow. It's half term so Geekster will be at home. He has promised to set the scanner up for me so I can have some fun with old photos . . . Whilst I'm resting. Back to the Dr. again . . . I'm definitely on the mend but would like to see this infection cleared . . . Totally.

Sweet dreams to you all across the globe. Thanks for reading and Goodnight.


  1. I can't believe how happy I am for you. You rock. And it sounds as if the lurgy is starting to leave you as well. Which is also great.

    1. Me too I can't believe how happy I am! I really have to keep checking I've bot just dreamed the last five days! I'm gonna dedicate an entire post to it . . . In case anyone has missed it ;-) Also it deserves one as it was my biggest goal for this year . . . And then it kinda just happened without me "knowing" or trying . . . Amazing. I'm so grateful for this blog and mostly you good people out there that encouraged and accepted me. Hopefully one last visit to the Dr today should clear any reamaining infection. Thanks again for reading & commenting.

  2. Thanks for playing! You do sound a lot better today. This is fantastic.

    1. Thanks for the invite. Yes I'm starting to feel a lot better . . . Still a bit breathless but deffo on the mend. And as I type this the dentist just called . . . re my referral to hospital :-/ eeek . . . Its all happening!

  3. I'm not surprised the "taste" is changing - I went through that as well after the drink, two things I do think you actually screw up your senses when you spend a lot of time senseless (hey that was actually quite good :-)) and also there is the "association"... I eat different foods, drink different non-alcohol drinks now as a lot of it was what I thought "I ought to do" etc.

    That holiday sounds good - can we all go on a blog pals month away somewhere nice and warm right now? I've had it with the damn snow and cold!

    1. O for sure yes . . . Everything smells "more", tastes more. I'm proper craving stuff . . . Coffee made with milk, I hadn't had that for years now all of a sudden it's the only way I can have it.

      Hey wouldn't that be great? Just need a lotto win maybe first . . . and a passport.
      I didn't even get a chance to go sledging :-( so I'm sort of hoping we get one more "load of snow" when I'm better. The kids went but they dint take the camera/phone.

  4. Doing a happy dance for you right now, in my pajamas!! Although, I think you may have misunderstood what bed rest meant - it means taking it easy; not doing millions of piles of laundry and cooking fabulous meals! I'm so glad you're still clean -awesome job! And, I'm so glad you're on the mend.

    Thanks for sharing a piece of you too =)

    1. Ahhh Thanks. I know, I am trying to rest but I was so fed up of paying for Take-aways and the kids needed clean clothes . . and . . and ;-)
      I've read your post and am wondering what the best thing to do would be . . . Is there a way by which only "followers" can comment, yet everyone can read?
      It would be a shame to privatise it but I can only imagine some of the stupid things people say (given the subject) . . . I know its difficult, having received a few myself, but can you just delete without reading if they are "Anon"? I hope you don't have to close and move. Its kinda letting them win . . . But I do understand how hurtful it can be. They're saddos L with nothing better to do. You're so honest and funny with your posts and It's pointless if you have to start "censoring" . . . I know it's easier said than done but to ignore would be the best way. Arseholes.
      Take care x

  5. Thanks for the input for the painting - yes - I'd considered chopping the top bit off (like I cropped the picture for the header) - why I didn't think to crop it for the painting, I don't know. Anyway, if I'd painted it on masonite, I would cut it in a minute but it's on canvasboard so I can't do it. Salvage or garbage are my only two choices. I'm going to try enlarging the tree and see if that helps.