Friday, 24 February 2012

Let's get down with the trumpets - yeah yeah

It's past one am!  I'm starting my post with "Is that the time!?" instead of finishing that way. Though I am almost finished. Just a flying visit to say . . .

Occasionally I hear Stropster listening to some "music" that catches my ear . . .This did. Well the trumpets did. They caught hamper G's ear too . . . and before long we were all dancing to it.

"Just be careful you don't lose your chick when I dance" . . . Love it ;-)

I also loved the warm sun today. Yes warm sun. I looked at the garden. It could be amazing . . .  It might be. It would do both me and the garden good. Both physically and mentally. Not now though . . . It's definitely bed-time. Way past.  May your dreams be peaceful and easy. I'm not even gonna mention the time.


  1. Gardens are sooo therapeutic. And so much work. And so expensive. And worth it all.

    I hope you sleep well and wake up invigorated.

    1. Yes everytime I look at mine I think of you now . . . and that Japanese Garden . . and the pond . . Fish.

      I actually had a lie in, first time for ??
      And it's sunny . . . Now I need to find some serious energy from somewhere.
      Thanks as always.

  2. My daughter loved it when I said "is that line down with the dogshits?" I blame playing in too many loud bands when I was younger. She is off to see these two with her friend in May .. me and the Mrs will have to find a curry house in Folkestone to wait for them :-)

    1. Ha. Yes, I don't think I could cope with more than one track (once a month) but it was just what was needed at the time . . . I forget how good dancing can be . . . Didn't even need my inhaler ;-)