Monday, 10 October 2011

Just a quickie . . .

I have to find a solution to this  . . . I feel so inspired during the day. To the point of jotting down scribbled notes about this n that. Why I might be this way . . . . lots of stuff about changes, that could be, should be, might be, never will be, hopefully will be, made . . . and other observations made through the day. Through a  very long, 7am till 9pm, day. So when I do get time after 9, if I'm lucky, 10 or even 11 if not. I'm so frazzled & bedazzled , I  can hardly decipher the notes, let alone remember what they led to and feel the enthusiasm felt earlier on. Partly due to my daughter, who I will refer to as Hamper G ( as started @ The G&W GW*)still being at home. Yes Hamper G should have started school this September. Thanks to greedy fools building too many new houses . .with no thought to amenities  . .there are no places left in our **"catchment" school.
So after looking forward for the last year, or four,  to the end of being a 24/7 mother . . . yes I know I had the children blah di blah . . . but more on that another day. I'm now faced with a few more terms?, years? who knows how long? of fulltime mummying . . what a thought. I never had (pre-kids) maternal feelings & dint yearn for them. I love them, of course, not to bits -I hate it when people say that- but I do love them a bit :-).  I did worry, once upon a time, that I might not . . anyway another day, another story, or four.
So where was I, O yeah no time during the day . . . too tired & stoned at night. Hmmmm.
I will find a way round this because I'm enjoying the "being forced to think" thing & looking forward to changes, which as I noted last night, have already begun.
Just one more thing . .I sounded like Columbo when I said that. As much as I loved Latin & French at school  & still love foreign languages now. I couldn't see why we had to study English . .as far as I was concerned we knew English. Now I see can see some of the why. (that's such a good example of why-that I aint gonna change it)

*See the hamster in my box of  (2) followers :-)  thats for anyone who has not come here from GW site. Thanks for the link Gledwood, dont we just love him?  There are some readers who have come from elsewhere . . not sure where, but I'm gratefully receiving any readers from anywhere :-)

** NB. Rabbit ears! ie " these things" inverted commas. I use them a lot . . too much. I dont "do" them with my fingers when I talk . .God forbid . . It's one of my pet hates. Along with loving people, animals etc to bits. there are a few . . another day. Its nearly 12!! I gotta go. Thanks for reading :-)


  1. I love coming here,its like walking into a room....with lovely shades of blue and purple to ease my soul....and then....storytime.A life well lived so far,non?xxxxx

  2. Ahhhh thats a lovely thing to say. Thanks.
    Well lived . . .? All I know is in the words of the brilliant Piaf "Je ne regrette rien" . . .So far :-)
    Thats not to say I think I've always done the right thing . . by a long shot . . but its whats got me here. And though I would like to change some things . . .Its not a bad place to be. (sometimes :-))