Monday, 10 October 2011

A twinkle in the eye?

As usual , things that happen., however shit they seem at the time, nearly always prove to be for a good reason . . . a week on I am real glad I felt yuk & down for those few days last week, when this idea was born. Its propa given me food for thought . . and even a slight spring in my step! like having a new lover or baby . . I hope the novelty buzz lasts longer though :-) Its already cut my smoking down, as the only time I can sit & sit and type out these thoughts  is at night. If I smoke my usual amount (of gear) I've found I can't  think or type much .Could it be this simple? No, obviously not , but its one good thing ..A couple of people have remarked on me looking/seeming better, happier since last wednesday. That my eyes seem more open ?!! My mum (78)  asked me . . "Have you got someone on the go?!"   And shes not asked that once in my 5 celibate years. So something must be different . . some new kind of twinkle in my eye? .Or just the usual glint that goes with the full moon.

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