Friday, 28 October 2011

Not by the hair(s) of my chinny chin chin . . .

Are these a sign of the times? Are we finally getting the equality we longed for?  Have we spent so much time encouraging men to "get in touch" with their feminine side that we are losing touch with ours, or is it just something in the water?
A few years back, to my absolute horror at the time, a couple of rogue whiskers appeared either side of my chin..Contrary to all advice not to pluck these invaders lest they multiply I had the tweezers at the ready the second one surfaced. Sometimes even before they surfaced, leaving holes where I'd excavated them. To me a hole was preferable to a whisker. They did indeed multiply and now there is, or would be if I didn't pluck them every day, a small patch (of maybe10) either side of my chin . The strange thing is I am not alone . . .  My sister Juju, a few friends (one as young as 27) and countless strangers that I've scrutinised also have these whiskers. We expect women  in their 70's and 80's to have them . . .  but we seem to be getting them younger. Has anyone else noticed this? C'mon Girls own up.

I'm not going to leave this as a draft to be edited in the morning otherwise I will delete it. So I will post it now, warts, whiskers n all :-) Sorry Juju for "outing" yours too :-) thats Sistery Solidarity.


  1. I have a female friend who has to go through the tiresome process of actually shaving under her chin...just a small patch, but she's had it from a young age (in her twenties; she's now 44) - she's cool with it, and so should everyone else be...sadly not, though..
    One day at her local pub, some cruel, infantile prick left a razor, brush and shaving foam in the ladies toilet, knowing she'd see it...definitely a guy, because a friend of ours saw him go in and out. This is the kind of attitude a small number of people will always have, it seems, to what they consider "unfeminine". It's a hormonal thing with this girl, and she did try to "do something about it" when she was younger, but decided she just wanted to be herself and not dose up on steroids or what have you.
    It makes me said that a fellow member of my sex would want to hurt her like the way, my friend's ex turned up later on, all 6ft4" of him, and dealt with the asshole in question in no uncertain terms.
    So anyway, let's have some solidarity between the sexes too, and move forwards - love & empathy x

  2. I'm pretty sure I was still a teen when I got my first whisker. I think theyare verycommon but no one wants to admit it. Ethnicitymay be a factor.

  3. Pinkpressthreat; Wow what an arsehole to do that. I've wondered about shaving them but thought it might make them come back wiry as they are quite soft still. Bledy things! :-)

    Jeannie; Good on yer girl! So glad you feeling better (yesterday) I keep looking for an update on the painting.

  4. Pinkpressthreat; Hi. Just found your other comment under "I need a day off" Yes I've been on both Suboxone and Subutex in the past but as I insist on using at night neither of these suited me. They both (very effectively) block the effects of heroin which makes using almost pointless. I didn't like that. When (not if:-)) I do stop this nightly "reward" I think Subbies would be a good idea to replace the last bit of methadone & that bag. I'm really pleased you like the blog and I'm coming to visit yours.

  5. yep..something else we have in common.I just try to ignore them(unlike a cruel boyfriend who did a quick sketch of me,main theme being said hairs on my chin...)But i am pretty hairy anyway.I have learnt to live with it.And so has "cruel" boyfriend,cos we are still together..just about...cos i am so forgiving.U could call me a doormat.
    Much love xxxx i loved the hamster post!

  6. Annie. I tell you what, my chin feels like a doormat today! Think I need new tweezers. What do these men get out of being so cruel? I can't imagine. Being forgiving makes life a whole lot easier for the forgiver. The forgiven might think they're getting away with it but the satisfaction for us is in knowing they aint :-)
    I'm sure you are no doormat. Big hugs x x

  7. Pale white with dark hair & hairiness can be such an awful fate. Have mad upper lip hair since childhood. A few years ago, started finding dark chin hairs, like mini-pubic hairs growing on the face. Horrifying! Eye pluck them. Eye also have the curse of "peach fuzz" on m'eye face. (Now use electronic "
    hair burner" when eye get around to it) "You looki like a man!" UGH! In addition, developed "fine lines" (eye refuse to use flowery "tactful" language and actually call them wrinkles) on m'eye forehead at 12, and between-the-eyes wrinkles at 22! Eye feel doomed to forever look like an old man. Can't wait for the long nose hairs and ear hair!