Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A snippet of life.

Ok whats to tell then? a right snotty head, sore throat and cold sweats thats what. Seems a bit rough when   it was only last thursday  I started feeling better. Spose at least the banging head as gone. But its left me woolly headed. The only good thing about having a cold is my fags taste better. Before these two colds I cant recall the last one I had. Gear stops you getting these minor ailments . . .  Just another trick  . . .

Well that was  me last night . . . woke up in the armchair at 3am with a dent in my forehead from the table edge. I feel even worse today I can only put this dowm to reducing my methadone. Over a week I've reduced from 50ml/mg (see I do listen GW) to 30ml/mg. Thought I best start somewhere. It has made a diiference with pupil size, emotions,  irritabilty & general "awakeness/awareness" but I hadn't bargained for semi-permanent colds.  Have just cancelled my flu jab for this afternoon. Not a good idea until I feel ok. I get a flu jab as I have lung disease, emphysema. Yes, the gear  might protect us from the minor ailments but like I said  . . . . thats just a trick.

The second time I woke up it was 7.32!!!! (I set the alarm for 7)  Shit! Bollox! Panic!. Woke boys up, Stropster almost got gobby then remembered THE ultimatum  (its worked so far), made him T & cig  . . . took them up to him, packed his "half a" lunch!,  Ironed Geeksters uniform after eventually finding it screwed up in his school bag as  he came home in PE kit. Thats the "Geekster" all brains, no common sense. Made his breakfast,  found his football kit. . . . made a mental note, yet again, to retrain these boys , or retrain myself. On my fifth trip upstairs to get Stropsters rizlas as he had oily work boots on, I was crawling. Bearing in mind this is all before 8am .Came downstairs, did my inhalers & prayed that this cold doesn't go to my chest . . . O please no.

Ok so gonna post later. I gotta get ready & face the weekly shop . . . Its the last thing I feel like doing., I badly need a hair wash . . .  its not the washing I mind, but I cant face brushing it through first. Its very long & very tangled.

I hope this snippet of life hasn't bored any readers . . . hello Russia, if you're still reading . . . hello anyone  if you're still reading. I just wanted to record this for future reference. Ok I have to get ready. Love sent out to all. I hope that dent in my head  smooths over before Asda. I look & feel like I've been hit with a spade.

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