Thursday, 13 October 2011

Something about nothing . . .

I didn't miss the alarm.The final time I woke up at 6.15am I decided, sensible mother that I am, it was too risky to go back to sleep. It doesn't even feel like a new day . . . more like a groggy extension of yesterday. Partly because the gear I got last night was the cleanest & strongest I've had in a year so as well as "sitting up" all night either gouching, trying to finish the bag or catching up on some blogs, I also found a fair sized beetle on the foil this morning. This just doesn't happen. Not since the drought. I must say I did enjoy a little morning smoke. Because it was a treat. Because I didn't need it. Yes just you remember that. Behind me are the days of smoking a bag before I could get to the kitchen for a coffee. I'm gonna be tired all day now. Fool!
Tired or not I gotta go & see my drugs "worker" this safto for encouragement & inspiration :-), write my "other areas"  (awaiting improvement) list, continue swiping the whole Christmas thing into the overfilled "cupboard under the stairs" part of my brain, clean out "my" 17 roborovski hamsters, dog-sit the "Nudster", & keep on top of the every day stuff. Oooops nodded off there. My cold has almost gone. Thats good innit? I imagine if I'd gone to bed at 11pm I might have been proper buzzing today. O well. I must away . . . rack my brains for details of the "Paolo la voce" tale & work my way through the day, accompanied in my head by Bob Dylan's "you're gonna make me lonesome when you go".
Triggered off by the words "you're gonna make me give myself a good talking to" :-) Love that line. Ok gotta go.


  1. Good on you for reducing the methadone!And i know that feeling,if i smoke before i am properly awake i just feel tired and pissed of that i didn't wait..damn..ooh,life's getting serious with kids and xmas round the corner,crap crap crap xxxxxxxxxx

  2. O tell me about it lovey . . . Scary eh? do you still indulge the older two? I told Stropster now hes 16 that he wouldn't be getting the usual heap. It can't go on forever? Anyhow got a little "rant" coming soon in a post so I'll save that. It seems my cold hadn't gone after all, I was probably just too tired to notice it yesterday. Feel yuk again today :-( hoping to "even out" soon if it is down to methadone reduction. Hugs n love to you n yours x x x