Sunday, 30 October 2011

The truth, The whole truth & almost nothing but the truth.

Another hangover from my strict Godly upbringing is I don't like lies. I can't lie and can usually see straight through other people's lies. On the few occasions that it's seemed like a good idea to lie, I have tried and failed. Blushing, blithering, tripping myself up,waiting to be struck by lightning. I just can't do it. Also I see no need to lie. I am honest and open about my drug use to all of my family, doctors, social workers, police . . .  anyone who wants to know really. I also know from experience that the truth has a way of outing sooner or later, so there's no point in lying.
Having said that  . . . just occasionally a "harmless little white lie" offers itself up as an option. Example.
A couple of weeks ago Geekster had taken the day off school. Ok, I had allowed  Geekster to have the day off. I wasn't well, had missed the alarm and justified it with him being ahead of his year. The school send me a text to say he hasn't registered and please could I call or reply by text to explain his absence. Ok yes later . . . when I've thought up something to say (a lie?). Meantime I'm trying, for the second day, to get £10 back that I had lent to someone . Although he is a "user" he works and is reliable (ish) so I had kept it polite but I really did need it before the evening. I thought if I start the day (10am) sounding desperate it should be sorted by early evening. I wrote the text , "Please bring that tenna round ASAP as I'm not well and could proper do with a bag to sort it". I was (still am) ill with a chest infection, but I implied I was rattling (withdrawing) and that the tenna could mend it all . Yes that should work, a bit of guilt, Ok . . . . Send . . . hold on?? Why didn't it ask me which number to send it to??!!??   Why???  Because it was still on reply mode from earlier . . . reply to who?? . . The school!!!!! Shit Damn Fuck Wank Help Bugger Bollox Rewind Cancel?!?! NO too late  . . . message sent. O God NO!! thats too harsh. Thats not fair. To have been caught out by the person I'd lied to would've surley been enough? No. Not enough. I didn't even bother texting the school with another "white lie" as to why Geekster was absent . . . They will have made their own minds up on that one. That'll teach me . . .


  1. O my god,NO! Worst fucking nitemare....I am laughing as i type this and my 4 yr old is asking why i'm laughing(v painfully as i have an abcess the size of a golfball in my mouth..)I don't know why...I think i have done this once before to a very straight neighbour.I remember i blushed with embarrassment.THen i went into complete denial mode.Blank it out.Oh hun.It'll be ok...?Hugs xxxx

  2. Hey . . It'll have to be ok innit? I mean they know I'm a user. But an "evening, when the kids are in bed user" not a "cant get the kids to school till I've had a bag user" . . I couldn't beleive it Annie. I just sat there sinking lower & lower into my chair going . . . O My God, O My God, O My God . . . picturing the school office staff reading it on the computer screen . . . ooo Ya Bugga, cringe or what? Its a good job I'm almost past caring what they think and can laugh about it :-)
    Abcesses are so painful . . . You will need anti-bios? from the d d d d dreaded dentist :-(
    Catch yer later lovey. x x x

  3. Replying to your comment to me: There's not much of a buzz to knitting.

    As for your "oops". It'll pass. It might be that they haven't a clue what your message was about anyway - just wrong. If they do understand, then maybe they'll really understand. Lay low - it's probably already forgotten.

  4. Jeannie; Well there is a buzz of sorts to learning new crafts & seeing results but I know it doesn't compare to all that other stuff . . . Is that why they say youth is wasted on the young. We would appreciate it.

  5. How embararrassing! Eye HATE sending texts to the wrong person, like you're talking about someone and since you're thinking about them, you send it TO them. At times, depending on the test, eye'll recheck the name to whom it's directed, then save the outgoing text, just to check it again.

    Lies, not always the best at telling them either, but will do it in what eye consider the right circumstances. Different people get different parts of me, do omit info more often than lie, and "the best way to lie is in between two truths." haven't a clue how eye keep them all straight, but eye do.

    Ack, this hour was supposed to be dedicated to studying. There's a half hour left. Better late than never.

  6. Eyelick. Yeah I spect a lot of people have been caught out this way. A friend of mine asked me to lend her some "thing" once as her man was being mean with his. I text her and said yeah pop round. Instead of waiting till she got here to tell me not to tell her man, which I wouldn't have anyway. She text back and said "dont tell **** about this" and sent it to HIM!! She was sat next to him. Oooo Yi Yi . . . can you imagine? How she wished she had just waited ;-)

  7. total nightmare. so embarrassing! P.S. I love how you say things like half 2 and tenna. So European which makes you infinitely more sophisticated that us Americans.