Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The last thing I needed

I slept this afternoon.(monday) My Mother had taken Hamper G, so I could rest.I dreamed it was snowing. I also dreamed that the hamsters had somehow got themselves  into one cage and I was trying to work out who was who & which cages they should be in. I woke up in a panic drenched in a cold sweat. . . I had a high temperature . . . I have a chest infection. This is exactly what I didn't want or need. I'm gonna continue this "diary", even though there will be no progress until I'm better. That could be days, weeks or months, depending on the strength/effect of the antibiotics I'm given tomorrow, the amount of physiotherapy I do
and whether they prescribe steroids at my first appointment tomorrow or wait until I can barely breath.
Having said there will be no progress, one time I had a chest infection I lost almost a stone in weight so who knows?
Every time I try to think for a minute I start to dream and come round to find a row of a few hundred "w"'s or "b"'s  that need deleting.  I can't concentrate on anything and it's taken me four hours to write this short update. I don't want to be this ill. I really can't think so I'm going to bed.


  1. Being sick sucks. I thought I was in for it - was sick enough to puke yesterday and I had a fever - but I think it has passed somehow - or it's morphing.

  2. Sorry you're sick & hope you feel better!

  3. Jeannie; It most definitely does suck. I hope yours decided to pass rather than morph.

    Eyelick; Thanks . . . I'm working on a fast recovery.

  4. You lost a stone? I hope the bastard thing goes away and quick.

    I haven't been by because my computer died yet again maybe for the last time... I am not sure...

    Merci Beaucoup pour le chanson Piaf j'ai ordered a book about her called Piaf la Verite from Waterstones so I am looking forward to getting that for £25 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in 3 weeks' time. I could do a long post about European Union what union £25 for a book that I believe is paperback and WH Smiths won't even get it in specially for me but I expect you don't want to hear that on your bed too hot/too cold. I hope that bastard methadone clinic go easy on you. Take care. I think my manic depression has finished for now XXXXXXX

  5. Gw; yes with a previous chest infection I lost a stone, but that was before they knew I had underlying emphysema, so it was being treated as a "normal chest infection" and progressed to pleurisy/pnuemonia. Since then at the first sign of one (ie yesterday) Its 8 steroids for breakfast, 8 x steroid inhaler per day (instead of usual 4) & strong penicillin so I dont think I'll be losing any weight. Like you say lets just hope it goes away quick :-)
    £25!!!! That must surely be hardback? if not that is way too much, innit? I expect you'll get your moneys worth though.
    I tell you what, I wish I was on my bed. That 5 hr rest from Hamper G on monday was a ONE off, probably the third day in five yrs. Anyway thats a whole nother rant.
    I get take home meth so a little bit of freedom there. I had reduced to 25ml from 50ml, which I think might have been a bit steep and lowered my immune system hence the infection, so I upped it again to 35ml on monday. Thats good that you've stabilised a bit for now. Now you need a laptop/computer. Take care., With love x
    Ps.I'm getting proper "Roid rage" from the steroids though so I must find I good rant to post on :-)

  6. Pps. . . LA chanson, as in LA romance . . . simple rule, anything good is feminine, ;-) x

  7. Oh being sick is horrible, I sure hope you are feeling better today. Keep sleeping as much as you can!!! Thanks for the comment you left me, I'll be reading here from now on, glad to know ya :)

  8. Barbara. Hi, Only just noticed your "comment" by accident, I must remember to check previous posts for comments. Yes sleep . . . I could do with some of that. But as you will see in my next post, the steroids prescribed to help me heal, prevent me from sleeping . . . hmmmm. I think the Dr weighed up the pros n cons and decided with three kids, I needed energy more than sleep. I think he was right :-)