Tuesday, 3 January 2012

For Gledwood (just a quickie;-)

Just a quickie . . . For Gledwood (and anyone else who is, might be, thinks they might be or has been diagnosed bi-polar).
I did post it in your comment box Gledwood but I'm not sure you will go back there and I hoped you would find this interesting . . . Maybe you've already seen it. Take Care.


  1. That was pretty fascinating.

  2. brilliantly put together, i think i may be bi-polar now. is there a test that can be done ? i don't want to go on any meds though.

  3. Jeannie,
    Yeah I thought so too. All still connected to "fitting in" . . . Or not.

  4. Katie B,
    Possibly. That could be why you feel more comfortable on gear . . . It pretty much does the same as the "legal" meds in repressing the soul/spirit. Keeping us on an even keel as it were . . . comfortably numb and all that. I'm not sure how they diagnose (Gledwood would be your man on that one.) From what I can see, if your highs are a bit higher than most and/or your lows a bit lower then they might label you "Bi-polar" . . . I'm sure there's a bit more to it than that ;-)
    I was never interested in having any diagnosis as, like you, I don't want "their" meds. So I just call myself . . . Me.

  5. Hmm. Fascinating, and I also found it a little scary. Not sure why. Need to think about it.

  6. The Elephant's Child,
    Yes I could do with hearing it again . . . without the kids on my case . . . maybe tonight. I keep so much to do, listen to, read and write for when they're asleep that I've got no chance of doing it all.