Friday, 27 January 2012

It's 2am again!

Okay I've started on my index and a few ideas of how to do this. I don't really want to put too much thought into it . . . just to tell a few stories. Obviously as in any person's life there's a mixture of sadness, pain, joy, tragedy, sex, humour, love and the odd bit of normality. I am neither ashamed nor proud of my past. I didn't plan my life this way . . . It is what it is. Where there is pain, I'm not looking for sympathy and where I've caused pain I'm not pleased with myself, again it's just the way it was and I'm not gonna lie. I will neither exaggerate  nor sugar coat, I just want to write about some of the events, places and people in my life so far. I'm not looking to lay blame anywhere nor to shock. I'm not making excuses or trying to justify the way I've sometimes behaved. I will simply tell it as it is. Or most of it. I have realised I will have to leave some bits out to protect the privacy of my family.

Right, enough of the present I need to go find my rake and see if I can get this carpet back on the floor . . . instead of it sitting on six inches of  family crap that's been swept under there for too long . . . I wouldn't be at all surprised if there's stuff under there that I know nothing about. Family stuff. My lot is all out, I've never been one for hiding dirt under rugs. Metaphorically or literally . . . Even if it's only me that knows it's there, like that screwed up bobble of foil that I threw behind the dolls' house . . . Eventually I had to get it out. Within days rather than years. Maybe I don't do it because I didn't like seeing it done over the years.  Or maybe because I just know there's no point.  Because out of sight is not really out of mind  . . .


Except for Saturday lunch time when I was cooking a full English breakfast for Stropster after work. I hadn't noticed Hamper G had stayed upstairs and was being very quiet .  .  . Until I called her down for lunch.
"In a minute" she said. This went on until I was putting the plates on the table.
"C'mon Hamper, it's ready. Now!" I  shouted  . . .
Into the kitchen she came with a bath towel draped over her as if she was playing "ghostees" . . .
Except she wasn't. She made her way over to the kitchen drawer (by looking at the floor I suppose) and from under the towel out came her little hand sneaking a pen (?) back into the drawer. Was it a pen? Had she drawn all over herself? I saw light blue plastic. Light blue plastic . . . . Scissor handles!!  NO. No way.
I pulled the towel off her  . . .  I so didn't want to laugh but I couldn't help myself and neither could Stropster . . . Hamper G just joined in. It was bordering on hysteria. She had chopped her waist length hair off with craft scissors into tufts of roughly ear length!! I say roughly as some tufts were an inch "long" others were three inches "short".
What a mess. Once I'd stopped laughing I felt like crying but not much point in that. Spilt milk and all that.

So it was off to the hairdressers yesterday to see what they could do with it . . . A very short backed kind of angled bob with two wispy longer bits in front of her ears . . . and a bit of a fringe that Hamper had made. I  think the hairdresser just left the fringe as it was. I will post a photo tomorrow.

O No. Its half one . . . again. I best hang up my rake for another night.
Sweet dreams across the world.


  1. my daughter came home from her dads a few weeks ago with no fringe. she had cut one into her hair and not like it so she had cut it off completely. only problem is her hair is so thik and curly she now has a ringlet wave across her forehead. that'll teach her a lesson i hope. xo lilly

    1. O that's gonna take a fair bit of growing out . . .
      I suppose once it's grown a bit she could clip it back . . . Or straighten it? A thick, curly short fringe is not a good look ;-) like you say, maybe she will learn from it. Will let you know as soon as I find out if it's Adelaide.

  2. Ouch. Though in my case it was my mama doing it to me. She was just giving me a trim, but did not have a straight eye. Higher and higher it went. We went off to the hairdressers the next day. I knew she was ashamed of what she had done because she told the hairdresser that I had done it.

    1. O . . . If I ever tried to lie like that in front of my daughter . . she would "out me" straight away. Mind you, things were very different then. I wouldn't have dared to disagree with my Mother . . Lies or no lies.
      I was taken for a short haircut at about 9yrs old, I cried so hard . . I hated it and always wanted it long. Guess who she said told her to cut her hair? . . yep you got it Gallah!!

  3. I had to grade 2 clipper my daughters hair once to get rid of the dreaded nits.
    On a more serious note,we've all done things we're ashamed of,(especially addicts) we just have to put these things behind us & move on !

    1. Yes my lads have brought nits home from School many a time. I caught them from the lads (in waist length hair) It took me over a year to totally clear them. There was no way I was clippering that lot off!
      Most of the stuff that might be considered shameful was done before I was an addict . . . Ok, before I was a Heroin addict. Let's not forget the very big part alcohol played in most of this behaviour.
      I'm not actually ashamed of any of it . . . more just sorry really for hurting people.
      It's all well behind me. I suppose I was just saying before any stories . . . That I'm not proud or ashamed of any of it. It's just life. I was the "Champ of moving on" In fact I said to Lou yesterday that could be the title of my "index" thingy!

  4. I chopped my hair myself but I was a bit older than your daughter so I had to go have it fixed myself.

    We've all done things we don't want to look at or admit. For real, if I came out and said everything I've done in the past I bet some reading it would be shell-shocked and probably decide to hate me. I try to be as honest as possible on my blog. I understand you wanting to clean things out from under the carpet. It can be very cathartic.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your daughter's hair! I was just looking at old photos of myself through years and thinking I should do a post titled, "A Journey Along The Strands of My Hair," or some such thing. From long and blonde to short and red, even shorter and black, to longer and blonde again, then brown, now back to long and blonde. What a journey. I wonder what phases your daughter's hair will go through in the years to come. This is probably just the beginning. :)

    1. Yes I've done a few "fringes" and colours on my hair over the years. . I never touched the length as I liked it long but some of the fringes have been hideous . . I have photos somewhere :-)
      As I said, most of the hidden stuff, secrets etc is family history. Whether I will ever know the truth about all that I've no idea.
      I'm honest and open about my "stuff" . . . I've had enough people tell me that I'm too honest (?) whatever that means!?
      I saw your photo the other day with "lion's mane" . . . Lovely.

  5. Poor Hamper. What was she thinking? How old is she? Had she been wanting a change? Back in the early 70's, when the shag came in, I tried to give myself one. It wasn't well done but then hair, then, wasn't generally well done - but was strangely better than not done at all. My mother NEVER took me for a haircut - so I was inclined to take matters into my own hands - or the hands of my friends or their sisters or mothers. One mom finally took me to the hairdresser when I was 15.

    1. Well her excuse was "Gallah" he's her imaginery friend . . . He told her to do it. She's almost 5 and she had said she wanted it short but I thought I knew best ;-)
      I was made to have mine short when I was 9, I was mortified. People used to say "Doesn't he look like his Dad?"
      I also went for the "Shaggy perm" '77 in Wales. Hideous. It ended up way to short and triangular!!
      After that I trusted a hairdresser once in France and that was it . . . Never again. I get the impression they don't listen. Or maybe, like me, they think they know best ;-)

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  7. Hey LoverHugs ( I hope you don't mind my nickname, I think it's cute like you) any way, You prolly didn't get a chance to read my comment on your Birthday post yet, but I did take a few minutes to find your contact info....and then gave up. HMU @ and I will email you the HTML code for the characters page that I created, if ur interested. It's not formatting, just the tags and anchors. I won't be offended if you think my page looks like crap and don't use my code, I'm no webdesigner, but it was the best I could do. HEre's a link to the page:

    1. Thanks . . . Yes I did miss the Birthday post comment. I've just read it and answered underneath it. Like I said there, my computer knowledge is very limited. Even "tags", "anchors" and "HTML" is foreign to me :-/
      I might just dedicate a post to the "list" . . . Then again I haven't checked out the gadget spaces yet . . . All these things are new to me. But I totally appreciate your help and offering to let me share the results of your hard work. I'll go and check it out. If I don't use your "code", rest assured it won't be because I think the page looks crap . . . It'll be because I don't know how.
      Thanks again though for thinking of me. Take Care x

    2. Susie
      Hey yeah, I love your characters page. Thats a brill idea. I love some of your decsriptions too. Mother-in-law sounds like she could seriously make one's blood boil with her teeth grinding ;-)
      I'm not sure even how to add a new page to put this on? I created my Blog by luck really, just under the design header . . . I don't know what the gadget spaces are or anything? But I do like your new page and thats defo the type of thing I was wanting/imagining. I'll have to sit and work it out one evening and get a "new page" added. Then deal with the code?!?
      I've also noticed, although I follow your blog, I don't always get notified of a new post like I do with other blogs that I follow. I didn't know of the latest post . . . Strange.
      During my "working" years pre-kids I didn't do gear but I drank a lot . . . I was so often late for work and hungover. I usually only got away with it cus I was sleeping with the boss (and drinking with him) Hey yeah . . Whats a "sex camel"?? I've never heard of that. Thats your co-worker right? See, this thing works! I feel like I know these folk a whole lot better already . . With her large calves, small waist and acne ;-)
      Great descriptions. "See" you soon x

      I just tried to post this comment on your latest post and I remembered why I've not commented for so long on your blog . . . I can't.
      It gets as far as publish, I can see the word for verification but the box where I should "verify" is not there. It has didsappeared behind the lined paper if that makes sense? And I can't scroll it up.
      It just won't come up so I can type the word in it?!? Other people are commenting though so that makes me think it must be something I'm doing? . . . O well. I hope you find this.

  8. I think Hamper G"s new hairstyle sounds funky(the one the hairdresser gave her..)kind of pixie-ish..?Want to see photo! And as for sweeping things under the carpet,that has got me in no end of trouble so i am finally learning to deal with my shit...amazing wot one finds under the carpet... ;) xxxxxxx

    1. Hey Annie!
      I'm coming over to FB when I've done fry up as I've not answered yet! . . . It was meant to be a "pixie do" but the hairdresser refused to do one! I'll tell you on FB . . . lest I offend any hairdressers ;-)
      Photo should be on this safto.
      Isn't it amazing what's hiding under those carpets?
      I be over there in an hour. I best make sure Hamper G is in the kitchen whilst I'm cooking ;-) "see" you soon. Love to you n yours x x x

  9. Sounds like she gave herself the type of haircut my mother used to give me. :(

    I love that you are willing to share and be open, it takes guts that I don't have. Several friends who know me well say my life's adventures (the good, bad and ugly) would make a great book but NO WAY could I share it all.

    Looking forward to learning more about you and what made you who you are today cause you're an amazing person!

  10. Well, at least you weren't upset. I like long hair, but obviously your daughter decided she didn't like it.