Saturday, 7 January 2012

Part two for Annie




  1. Hmmmm...., I am deaf. HAHA!

    Stopped by, here's my "hello" (and a wave) and your "About Me" is very, very... interesting. LOL.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Have Myelin?
    Ok . . . I'm confused. It could be the time of night? . . . Or maybe I'm just "slow" . .??
    I get that this post is not very interesting unless you're waiting to hear part 2 of the track (Annie). Other than that . .
    You too have a good day ;-)

  3. LMAO! I really am deaf. I can't hear. =p Unless it has subtitles I am lost....

  4. Wow,that was the nicest way to wake up....just sitting here bleary eyed slurping coffee..straight to my heart,made me feel not so alone.Thank yooooo xxxx gonna head to fb next.I can safely say i love roy harper too.<3

  5. Have Myelin,
    O sorry lovey . . I didn't know . . I didn't understand why you were saying that. So sorry.
    Yes I can see why it wouldn't be of any interest to you . . . Some tracks have the lyrics with them but I suppose the music is a big part . . although his lyrics are worth reading . . . unlike some ;-) (IMO)
    Take care.

  6. Annie,
    So glad to have eased your transition from sleep . . to awake . . I know how harsh that can be somedays ;-)
    I hoped you would love it, so I'm happy too now.
    I half expected to see your "Harrods" bus in that last bit of footage . . . although that must've been later. much love to y'all x x x

  7. no apologies needed. i still enjoy music as i have a hearing aid and a cochlear implant but i've been deaf since i was a baby. (due to antibiotics) i do know sign language, can talk, but i lipread.

    i cannot understand speech unless i see dem lips! =)

    youtube is both my friend and enemy. and streaming videos are always my enemy - captions are not available, e-vah!