Monday, 16 January 2012

Now that really was lighthearted

For various reasons tonight we found ourselves sitting down early, together, with everything done and in the same room. Now this is rare. It's rare even to settle down at the same time particularly on a Sunday night. I'm usually ironing school uniform, running baths, emptying baths, packing lunches and supervising (shouting orders) in general until after nine O'clock. Geekster puts his bath off till after nine, then remembers he has homework. Sometimes Stropster's not home until gone ten then he'll often sit in his room. But tonight was different.

Not only were we sat down together with time to "do something" ie. not on our separate laptops or watching tv . . . but we all agreed we should try out Geekster's "X-factor" karaoke thing, one of his Christmas presents. It works on line through the laptop and you get thousands of songs with it.  He set it up through the stereo speakers and he'd had the sense to order an extra microphone so we could duet. We spent a good couple of hours taking it in turns to choose songs, and who would sing them. It was Brilliant. The best few hours we've spent just us four together for a long time.

 I "let" them chose most of the tracks . . . I doubted much of "my stuff" would be on the playlist though they did allow me Leona Lewis's (version of Cohen's) Hallelujah  . . . Yay! I got away with a Cohen song :-) . . . I'll have a look when I'm alone  . . . So it actually was lighthearted. We proper laughed. I think mine and Stropster's best effort was Eminem & Dido's Stan . . . I hadn't heard that for years. I was amazed at Hamper G (4) requesting tracks like "Paradise" (New Cold Play one, I'd never heard it) and "Carry out" that she must've heard in Stropster's room and singing along to them. It seems Geekster is good at rapping  . . . being used to talking, and possibly thinking, twice as fast as any "normal" person that would make sense.

So that's all . . .  A busy two days catching up on a few days of  washing, drying, cleaning, shopping, hamster cleaning and a very special lighthearted Sunday evening. I hope yours was good too.

Ps. The next morning . . . It was Alexandra Burke not Leona Lewis that covered Hallelujah. Of little importance really because we know who wrote it ;-)


  1. Connecting with fun like that is invaluable. I hope your week continues well.

    1. The Elephant's Child,
      Tis indeed. We all said we would definitely make an effort to do this, or similar, more often. It's hard enough to find something that they all (16,12 & 4) agree on . . . Me, I just agree. Hope you have a good week too.

  2. Replies
    1. Absolutely . . . Just having a sneak preview of some of the tracks available now they're at school and work.
      Hey they've got a few Bee Gee's but not Lion in Winter.
      Don't suppose they got Roy Harper . . .?
      Have a good week.

    2. See look - sussed the reply to comment thing... for now :-)

      any John Martyn? :-)

      We have times like that with certain films and TV shows

    3. Furtheron,
      Yes, well done . . . ;-)
      Haven't checked yet, but was surprised they have Edith Piaf - La vie en Rose.
      The lads are "loosely planning" another sesh for Wednesday . . . So will see what I can find.

  3. Sounds like such a fun time - I'd have loved to do karaoke at home. We actually have a machine but there were only a couple of cds and I think those have long since disappeared. Ah well. My daughter used it a few times and now it sits in the closet.

    I'll bet there'd be quite a few songs you'd know available - the kids these days seem to know a lot of the music I listened to growing up. But then, someone does a cover and they had no clue it was done before.

    1. Yes , 've often looked at the ones with CD's in past years and considered getting one. This is £7 a month to subscribe on line to get all the songs but the first month is free so we'll see how it goes.
      I realised last night that despite all my drunk "pub" years . . . I never did karaoke. I was temtped a few times and too many times I've sang to the pub without backing . . . but never Karaoke.
      I had a look through some of the playlists this morning, yes there are thousands of old ones too.
      It was just so rare to all be in and settled down early. Lovely. Take care.

  4. That sounds like so much fun! I'm glad things worked out for the four of you to have time together :)

    1. Yes we're definitely going to make sure it happens more often . . . they all loved it.
      I just tried to read your latest post . . Anger and Empathy I think it was called . . . but it won't let me? Maybe this means it's been removed. I'm not sure what it means. It allows me to your blog but to the previous post . . . mysterious. I will have to wait until you post again. I hope you're taking care of you. With love.

  5. Dear Bugerlugs,
    just been doing a bit of catching up, my heart goes out to you.
    Someone once told me,"life is full of circles and it's not until we learn from these circles that we move on".
    You may have lost a battle recently but you will live on to fight another day.
    AS the weather is so atrocious down here it looks like I've finally got the time to do some blogging even if I should really be doing my tax return.
    Take care x Karl

    1. Karl . . . Thanks lovey. Was very relieved to see your name & picture here. I'd been quite concerned after your od . . Then No post, So I'm pleased to see you're back.
      Yes it's just too much to constantly be fighting . . . And that is what's required. But I will fight again . . and again.
      Do you not have your accounts on computer? It makes the tax returns a lot easier.
      Anyhow . . . Glad you're back, thanks for dropping in and "see" you soon. Take good care. x

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