Thursday, 1 December 2011

A tad melancholic

After reading Furtheron's comment on my previous post this afternoon I checked out his blog (still don't know how to have someone's name link to their blog?) where I was reminded of a few musicians I used to love . I still do, I just dont often put music on like I used to. I will one day. Anyway this led me to Bert Jansch and one of my favorite songs of his . . . A tad melancholic but beautiful. For all those troubled young lives.

Bert Jansch led me to Pentangle which, of course, led to Sandy Denny. I couldn't find one of her singing my favourite song of hers "A stranger to himself". But this is also beautiful . . . Maybe a tad melancholic?  Sandy Denny, Melanie and many others wrote the lyrics and music to these songs as well as singing and playing them like they meant something to them . . . which of course they did because they'd written them from experience.

All this talk of melan-choly made me think Melanie and I did find my favourite song of hers. I could go on and on with this . . . but I wont. Though if melancholy be the theme it would be awfully rude not to include the great Mr. Cohen wouldn't it?  If I manage to choose one from so so many favourites before I fall asleep I will post it. If, by the remotest chance, any one reading this does happen to listen to and enjoy all three, maybe four tracks. Or even already know and love them. I would love to know. Thanks.
ps. just noticed grammar errors from 2 am - melancholic


  1. My husband and brother both listened nonstop to Cohen and Melanie so I'm well acquainted.The other two I don't know - perhaps they were known more across the pond (so my husband should know them as he's Irish) Cohen does strike me as depressing after a while. The kids and I had to get my husband to please stop blasting him all the time. He's got him on his mp3 now so I don't get quite as tired of him. I play his Hallelujah on the piano a lot though.

  2. Bert - now there is an unrecognised talent - just realised in my review of Gordon Giltrap from last week I failed to mention his tribute to him... the Davy Graham classic Angie which was on Bert's first album...

    Bert, Davy, John Martyn... all gone... we need new troubadours!

  3. O Jeannie
    That's brill that you play Hallelujah on piano. I love that song. I must get back to the piano. Once Hamper G is at school, and I've decorated and, and . . . Doesn't it make you feel so good though, when having played a song so much you can do it without thinking and kinda just sit and watch your fingers do some magic dance that creates that music . . . The zone I think they call it? Not been there often but enough to want to be there again.
    Yeah I dont think Pentangle and Co were massive here. Apart from on the folk scene. I love Irish folk. Does Gary play an instrument? I used to play the Bodrhan (sp?) and sing in an "Irish" electric folk band. O those were the days. I think Cohen is only not depressing to those who are "slightly depressed" of nature, like me, he cheers me up!

  4. Furtheron,
    Thanks for leading me to that lot last night . . I was up till gone 2am and almost missed the alarm at 6.30am!! Love your blog . . . Am gonna find out today how to do that link thing, where I just write a name ie Furtheron and clicking on it goes to the persons Blog. I know, I'm a bit behind with all this.
    I didn't know Bert had died till last night . . . We certainly do need more troubadours!