Friday, 23 December 2011

Two more sleeps!

Ok I've literally got five minutes . . . Don't have to leave the house again, everything is in . . . Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Kids all woke up shouting "Two more sleeps" including  Stropster. Singing, shouting, dancing . . . Anyone would think it was Christmas. This is not the "real" Santa who came to the house. I'm still waiting for those photos . . .
Ice skating with a penguin. What a fine idea they are. I reckon even I could skate with a penguin. Then without a penguin . . . Ahhhh
Geekster is off school from today so he gonna post some photos of the tree and lights for me when I've got them all working . . . They can be a real pain those lights. Ok this adding photos as I go along is working better (thanks Jeannie) . . . I've not tried the "code move" yet Furtheron, as I'm in a hurry . . .  I need to do about three days cleaning in one day. Pity Gledwood doesn't live closer, I could hijack him for the day and give him something to keep him busy! He would love cleaning out the 27 hammies. Sorry not to do links with all this name dropping, yes you guessed . . . I'm in a hurry. Ok I must start somewhere. Hopefully back later with very little left to do. Bro popped in last night so I nagged him some more about the "You Tube" clip. Looks like it will be New year. He has "it" on CD from some recording somewhere but its 90 mins long!.(He calls that the full on "Angels & Trumpets" version) Having to condense it somewhat will take time, but he has promised :-) Right I'm going. Have a good day people. Catch ya later.


  1. There's just too much work at Christmas. Glad I could be of some help.

  2. I think I'd fail even with the penguin! With my balance issues fucking around on ice skates not a smart move :-)

    Have a great Christmas and all that

  3. Jeannie,
    The work is just unbelievable . . . For one day. O well it'll be worth it . . . I hope. One more day of work then a big chill.

  4. Furtheon,
    Yeah you too . . . Have a good un :-)