Wednesday, 14 December 2011

No news is good news

This is probably the only free ten minutes I will get today . . . I'm not really awake enough to think of anything to write. I have so much to do today . . . Finish Criggy room, off to town to buy hooks to put rope light up and another extension lead . . . more lights. More ordering on-line. Juggling funds all over the place to try and cover all this extravagance. If they all get everything they asked for it will be a minor miracle. I'm gonna post this and get on. Something worth writing about should happen today  . . . ? Snow?
What a boring post. Yawn. Must be methadone time . . .


  1. Do you get periodic severe insomnia? With a feeling like you've been doing coke when you haven't (half hyper half tired)? I do. I was just wondering if I was the only one.

    When you get depressed, do you oversleep, undersleep, or sleep all over the place? I oversleep and usually sleep most afternoons as well as all night. I'm glad I sleep when depressed. What is there to be awake about.

    I hope you're OK I've got to run now and get fags.

  2. Gledwood,
    The only time I have any problem going to sleep is if I've slept in the day (very rare) or if there is a bag in the house screaming at me!
    I'm usually way tired and stoned by the time my head hits the pillow/laptop/floor.
    When I get depressed fortunately it's never for long as I have too many distractions/obligations = kids to "get into" it . . . But pre-kids, yes I used to sleep, sleep, sleep through it. I think that probably made it worse as I never woke up feeling better.
    If I get "depressed" now I tend to find doing something (preferably outside) can change my mood. Even though at the time I swear it wont ;-)
    I thought of you today . . . At my local shop, in an effort to save plastic bags, there is a huge notice on the till . . . "Do you really need a bag?" (well I didn't till you mentioned it!) . . . No idea why it made me think of you?
    Take care with love as always x

  3. Yeah, sometimes it is hard to have any time for yourself!
    OBLIGATIONS, I find anymore come first, and an obligation to one's self is very important. Your children, unconditional LOVE, ALWAYS!!

    As for Christmas, I have snow this year, and have been able to be around the snow for 13 years now.

    Where I am from Phoenix, Arizona USA, it doesn't snow. I take that back, I think it maybe snowed 3 or 4 times during my 55 yrs. of living in the "valley of the Sun"

    Well, we moved up here to Overgaard,AZ. and it is COLD.

    After reading Gledwood's comment, I got depresssed more.
    B.TW. I LOVE the name of YOUR Blog>
    Take care of YOU