Thursday, 8 December 2011

Just a quickie . . .

I'm panicking. I got ahead of myself a couple of weeks ago and sorted all Hamper G's shopping then I relaxed. It felt like I had loads of time to do the rest. Typical. Now I've got heaps to do and not enough time to do it. It doesn't matter how early I start, I always end up in a last minute panic. So I have to get on. I've moved my bed from the living room back upstairs so I can have a "normal" living room for Christmas visitors. I dragged a super king size mattress up the stairs yesterday. I know. I don't know how either but I did. Sheer determination . . . No I won't ask my brother. I do not need a man to do this. I'm not stubborn. Now I have to Christmasify the living room . . . Today.
I have to see my drugs worker at 2pm.  Also I must attend a back to work "waste of time cus my daughter is not at school yet!" interview at 1pm. Prison visit all day tomorrow. I need to just get on. I'm hoping for a bit of full moon mania. I've done my "things to do" and "things to buy" lists and sat staring at them both . . .
Some days I feel so capable and on top of everything. Other days it all feels very overwhelming, almost impossible. Like today. I haven't got time to waste a day sitting paralyzed in the headlights. I need to move it. Now. Someone give me a cyber kick up the arse. I'm waiting . . .


  1. Try the principle of the "irreducible minimum" - my mate taught me this one....

    Okay pick one thing off the list - that might be "Put the tree up". But actually you need to "get the tree out of cupboard"... great just do that... then "Get out of box"... then "stand in the corner"... then "put the lights on"...

    You commit to only the next stage at any point and can walk away at any point in the process ...

    Actually this is project management ... well project planning anyway

  2. I feel paralyzed in the headlights every day. And no excuse for it. Drives me batty that I don't get things done.

    Good job moving the bed on your own. I used to do things like that - now it's guaranteed to lay me up and THAT makes me lethargic waiting on some help.

  3. Furtheron,
    Yes I like that. I'll try that tomorrow. I'm very good at the planning part. Yep . . . I got it all planned. Far too many interruptions today so will try again tomorrow.

  4. Jeannie,
    I hate having to rely on help. For one thing, its never as soon as I would like . . . Then I start thinking what if I didn't have help, I would have to do it . . . So I do it (or try) I did wonder for a split second why my back ached this morning but I was pleased with myself :-)

  5. omg..a double mattress,they are so hard to get a grip on...well done you! I hope the full moon works its magic on you..i think theres some cool astrology going on too,like a looner eclipse ;) and the planet of innovation and revolution,uranus,turns direct meaning its finally moving forward,which bodes well for those seeking to create a new umm know wot i mean..?!so one astro kick up the bum being delivered in the nicest possible way.And i know very little about astrology.xxxxx

  6. Annie,
    A super King size mattress! Double wouldn't be big enough for me + daughter. As it is I end up right on the edge while she sprawls across the rest of it. I got up the other night and took my pillows to the foot end for some space . . . I need to get her room done. There's a lot I need to get done . . . Constant interruptions. It's half one and all I've done is Stropsters "Full English" and a post. Think the astro kick up the bum is delayed with Christmas post! I'm still waiting. Hugs n love to you n yours x x x