Thursday, 15 December 2011

Amazing Amazon

Nothing of note happened yesterday. Paid money into the bank . . . Spent it on-line. More presents. None of which are guaranteed to be here by Christmas but there's not much I can do about that.
After completing an order last night I was offered a "free" calendar (I should have known better) . . . All I had to do was download a photo for each month. Spent a couple of hours choosing, editing, cropping and rotating various photos. Trying to create "month relevant" photos . . .  Highlighting special dates. Choosing borders etc. Yes that looks good . . . Cheapest postage £3.78! Well I couldn't not have it now could I? No.
I fought to resist all the other products they suddenly had available with photos of my children on them! Cheeky fuckers.
Ordered a book of knitting patterns for dogs! for Sister-in-law (loves knitting and loves her dog) And knitting patterns for cakes for Mother as she can't bake, loves knitting and they are less fattening that way!
O Amazon . .  How did I live without you? . . . The possibilities are endless but the bank account isn't so I better stop it . . . Now!!
Off to the bank again! back later. Hope you're all feeling Festive ;-)


  1. "a book of knitting patterns for dogs!" - I thought (before reading the next bit) that you knew a dog that could knit! Holy Cow I thought - we could get on Britain's Got Shite... sorry... Talent with that! :-)

  2. Furtheron,
    Now that would be something else!
    I'm actually getting quite excited about it all now . . . All the work is almost done. It will be time to kick back and enjoy it all soon.

  3. Gromit in Wallace and Gromit - he can knit...