Thursday, 15 December 2011

Ding-a-ling-a-ling . . . Santa's here!

Another busy day. Finished putting decorations up in the "Christmas room". I need Geekster to charge his phone (to use the camera) then I'll take a photo and post it here.
Hamper G was almost asleep tonight when Santa came in his sleigh. The reindeers were a white van. I usually know when he is coming and we wait up for him but I'd forgotten this year . . . I just heard the bells ringing and asked Hamper G to check out of the window. She was beside herself with excitement . . . Hoody straight on over PJ's, boots on and out the door . . .  eyes out-shining the Christmas lights. Sitting in the sleigh next to Santa looking up at him so seriously. Luckily Geekster's best friend (our neighbour) had his phone charged and took some photos.  One day I'll get a camera or phone with camera so I don't need to rely on others.

Prison visiting tomorrow . . . That will be exhausting but it's a must. LQ's brother is taking us which makes it all a lot easier and more enjoyable. I'll still be glad to get home though as I'm never relaxed in those places until it's time to leave.

I've given myself permission to accept me as I am until the new year . . .   Any effort to change is being put on hold until then. Should any changes occur without effort that's a bonus! Apart from weight gain of course which is almost guaranteed during two weeks of sheer piggery. Peer shiggery.

Oooops was asleep there with finger on the s. Good night. Sweet dreams


  1. the local rotary club do one like that round our area - have done for donkey's years. I remember having to take my son out one very cold night to find them in the local neighbourhood... madness really but when a 4 year wants to see Father Christmas and all that :-)

  2. I've never visited anyone in prison. All my closest friends were either retired or very lucky when I was using. It was more the outer circle who ended up doing prison stretches and half the time I didn't even know what prison they were in!

  3. Good things come to those who wait. Sometimes though you have to go for it if you really want it. Have faith in yourself, I know you can do it.

  4. I want to see some pics! I guess right about now you are at the prison, or home from it. I hope it went well and that you are safe and snug back home.

  5. Furtheron,
    Yes it's the local scouts group that do ours . . . It's very popular. Sometimes a bit rushed but last night wasn't. He had quite a chat with Hamper. 9 more sleeps!

  6. Gledwood,
    Lucky you! I've done way too many prison visits. They sprung the sniffer dog out on us today at the last minute . . . I was scared he would smell gear on me as LQ's Brother (who took us) brought a bag with him which we shared before we went. It was ok though, we "passed" the sniff! Happy to be home :-)

  7. Karl,
    Thanks. I know what you mean though about having to "go for it" . . . I do tend to put it off, make excuses and even justify using way too much. Typical addict behaviour I suppose.
    I need to focus more on these changes so they don't end up on the back burner whilst I focus on all the day to day business of "life" . . . Thanks for your encouragement.

  8. Barbara,
    I know . . . I want to see some posted here too . . . And get some old ones scanned in - like the one with the bodhran. This is what happens when I rely on others. I will MAKE Geekster get the scanner out and show me how to use it. Also to show me how to use his phone/camera/ Blackberry thingy and transfer pictures to laptop. He never even charges the damn thing so he obviously doesn't use it.
    Prison was bitter sweet again. So many mixed emotions. I think that's why I come home worn out. Very happy to be home, truly appreciating my freedom, warm home, Ovaltine, PJ's and comments from blogger friends ;-) . . . O yeah and a few deliveries from Amazon.
    I know how you feel though when you enjoy moments and then feel bad about someone close who's not having such a good time . . . It is hard to be hard and think "That's their choice" . . . But it is. I hope you're ok. Take care.