Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Sorted! I made the effort to go to Bro's house, laugh in the right places, admire photos on phone (that I  couldn't even see) of his mother-in-law's latest Grandchild, Oooh and ahh in all the right places, thank her muchly for the eau de toilette "Heaven scent" Geddit? O dear. I shouldn't take the piss  . . .  but sometimes I can't help myself. I also couldn't help myself noticing on my way to bro's house that "The man's" car was back. Despite my text saying  "Please text me the minute you get back" . . . Nothing. So as soon as I got in Bros' house I text him to say I had  noticed the car was back? . . . O yeah (Babe) pop round !?!  (I forgot you had been waiting 48hrs -  Soz Babe) Well yes I can see how its easy to forget these things when you're concentrating on running a beetle the size of a £2 coin up and down a foot long sheet of foil. But it did make things somewhat less painful knowing a cure was literally "just round the corner". Amazing how quickly I/any addict recover/s when the end of suffering is in sight. O yes, suddenly very animated and sociable aren't we? Within half an hour of leaving Bro's house, the idea of two hours in a hot kitchen, doing a roast to beat all roasts seemed like the perfect challenge :-) . . . And if I say so myself it was mighty fine. Possibly the best gravy I have ever made. Delishioso. Rinsed down with a few glasses of merlot . . . A couple of Baileys on ice to chase a few Lindt chocs . . . Now a few lines. And a few more chocs Per fect tion. I'm easily pleased really. Totally satisfied. Seems like a good place to bid you all goodnight . . . and may your dreams be sweet. There's bugger all on Telly . . . A good time for a tune . . . I'll pop back if decide on one.


  1. Glad it worked out for you.

  2. Jeannie,
    You almost commented before I'd published . . . I know we are in different time zones but even so!? Thanks :-)

  3. I know just how you feel..... ;) The animated conversations that spring up just pre-smoke..glad your meal was delicious.We are having chicken soup tonite.My little one has just poked her head round the door and told me she doesn't like it...nothing like honesty!Oh well,more for me.!xxxxx

  4. LOL@ "Heaven Scent", made me remember "Vanilla Fields". =)

  5. Annie . . . Innit eh? I was "proper poorly" till he text back saying pop round . . . Then I managed to be polite, sociable, interested and almost interesting (almost ;-)) for at least an hour . . . with one eye on the clock of course. Terrible behaviour :-)

    Have Myelin?
    I don't remember Vanilla Fields . . . I do like Vanilla as a perfume though. Showed Hamper G your photo of "Rudolph" today . . I told her you had just caught him leaving. She was Star-struck! ;-)