Saturday, 10 December 2011

I want, I don't want.

Thats two more days with no progress. So annoying. Too many interruptions. I like to get "on one" and work solid for 9 or 10 hours but that aint happening. There was no prison visit as LQ hadn't booked one . . . New prison, new rules . . . the inmate books the visit at this one. So now he's booked for next Friday. His brother had taken the day off work to go so he came over any way with kids so cousins could play . . . another day with nothing done.
I spent hours trying to find me some clothes and boots on line last night . . . Nothing?
That's right.
Nothing. Am I too fussy? Yes. I know exactly what I want. I want these clog boots but I want another inch on the heel.
I found a pair with a higher heel but they are not proper wooden heels and I don't like the staples . . . I prefer studs. I also prefer suede. I like the ties round the suede pair too . . .
Decisions, decisions. I could have studs added to the wooden pair.

I found a hooded top in the exact shape (flared to hide "that" area) I want but I want it in white (or black) soft "Angora-mix" wool. Not pink cotton. I found the jeans but I want them in a size 10 . . .  and If I can't get in a ten I don't want them! If I can't get in a ten I don't want any jeans. I will spend Christmas in my pyjamas and slippers eating chocolate, putting on more weight and getting more depressed.
Ok so I've almost wasted another half a day . . . Stropster will be back from work at lunchtime for a "Full English breakfast" and before I know it, it will be getting dark . . .
I have got the tree down from the attic. When I say "I" have got the tree down I mean Geekster has. I stood on the top "shelf " of the step ladder and went  to pull myself up into the loft (as I've done every other year) to find, to my utter horror, that I could no longer pull myself up! Well we know why that is . . . I'm proper  fed up with myself. And looking at this picture of size 10 jeans plus super flat tummy is doing nothing to help (maybe they're a size 8) :-)

Ok. Im gonna get off my fat arse and get on with the Christmas room. Possibly eight/nine sets of lights to get working Why are they always ok when you pack them away but not when you get them out again?
I love those fairy lights. I put them every where.
I will take a photo when I've finished the room.
I have to finish all on-line shopping by Monday too.
Right. One thing at a time. "Irreducible minimum" I can walk away at any time. Can I though? Realistically?
Alexandra Burke has just come on tv singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Beautiful song. Now Elton John with "Step into Christmas". Ok let's step into Christmas. See you all later. Enjoy!

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