Friday, 30 December 2011

Whoa! Hold on a minute . . . What's the rush?

Now then, whats all the rush to get Christmas over and done with, tidied up, cleaned away, put back in the attic till next year? Maybe it's just me . . . and Hamper G . . . She keeps saying it is still Christmas isn't it Mum? Yes of course it is. Having spent a month preparing, choosing, buying, decorating and building up to it  . . I'm in no rush to see the back of it. With Geekster off school and Stropster off work till Tuesday I suppose it won't feel "Back to normal" until then. The neighbours have taken their decorations down, the pub on the corner has, Sainsburys have . . . Isn't it supposed to be 12 days?  Or is it 12 hours now.? Well I'm not joining in . . I'm still switching on all my flashing/snowing/chasing  lights as soon as it gets dark . . . I will keep this thing going on my own if I have to. And I may have to. Every blogger I read seems to be glad, relieved or thankful its all over. I don't get it. I've not even started on my chocolate reindeer yet . . . C'mon, I can't be the only one . . .  Can I?
Ooo Ya bugger . . Geekster has some left some "freeview" channel on that seems to have an hour long advert every two (?) hours for a heap of Country music CDs. Zestify, that's it . . . The Golden age of Country. Boy there are some rhinestones and hairdo's there. From Jim Reeves to Marty Robbins . . . Porter Wagoner, Sonny James. Ooo Yi Yi.
Ok I suppose I should get on with something. I'm making the most of not having to get up at 7am to do "packed lunches" and coax the lads out of bed to work and school . . . No alarm. Bliss. I'm in no rush to get back to normal . . . Maybe cus I wasn't there in the first place :-)  Have a jolly good day folks . . . See ya later.


  1. Don't the 12 supposed days of Xmas last into New Year? I thought they did. Then again I don't give a flying diarrhoeary crap about Xmas I think it is the biggest waste of time money and expense going and we'd all be far better off without it.

    I just came by to get your link as I mentioned your 27 hammies in my blog today.

    And to wish you a very happy 2012 ;-)

  2. Weird. I commented at 12.12 chez Toi . . . And you commented here, same time. I'm sure when my kids have grown and gone I won't "do" Christmas . . But until then I might as well enjoy it. Yes Happy 2012 x

  3. I just find the decorations suddenly look tacky after about the 27th. I start thinking life would be better if I had the extra space the tree is taking up. The house would look tidier. Less cluttered (from the clutter queen).

    I also don't have young kids at home any more so all the decorating and such are really only to fluff out a couple days of celebrations.

  4. Yep,12 days of xmas end on 6th jan,which just happens to be my eldests daughters the decorations don't come down till then.I think in spain they give presents on the 6th which is Epiphany,the day the 3 kings arrived with their gifts...and you are right ,with kids it should be savored and enjoyed..sadly,i have eaten my choc father xmas...xxxxxxx and right on cue littlest one has just come in and pulled some unused glittery stuff that was peaking out of a cupboard and has marched off to decorate the tree!

  5. Jeannie,
    One year I left the whole lot up till June (not the tree but lights n tinsel)
    I have to move the tree and any "breakables" into the kitchen today as I promised "Stropster" he could have a New Year's Party tonight in the Christmas room . . . O dear silly me. But I will move them back tom orrow and eek it out till the 6th. Happy New Year to you, Gary and family.

  6. Annie,
    Yeah! good, I'm glad I'm not alone . . . savouring it. I have eaten way too much though. I'm living in trackie bottoms now as jeans are too tight . . Well they are beyond too tight . . . They just don't fit anymore :-(
    I'm pleased "baby bear" is still decorating the tree . . . Bless her. Have a Great New Year's Eve . . . and a Great New Year. Love to you and your family x x x