Sunday, 18 December 2011

Good food

Geekster and Hamper G on the trampoline with a bag of soapy water. This went on for two hours then they came in, got dressed and ten minutes later  . . . Look where I found them!
 I can't believe this is only four months ago . . . Our camping holiday in Wales with my Brother (blue top) and his wife (red jumper). No that's not their names. Not exactly seasonal I know but as soon as I get my hands on Geekster and his camera I will have some Criggy photos to post. I keep saying I will put some up so here we are. If you were to stand facing the chair where the guitar is and look left . . . this is the view. I can't wait to get back there. One way of getting to the nearest town with beach is by mini steam train as below and ferry (!) above. . . Simple living. Gourmet barbeques, delicious. We put in an order with the local butcher in the morning then pick up various flavours of local lamb kebabs for the barbeque on the way back to base in the evening.

Ha Bloody Har :-). . . Do I look like I'm laughing? . . . Thought not. And if you think you're getting me in that wet suit you can think again!
This is our favourite coffee shop on holiday. Not sure why Hamper G needs two chairs or why Geekster turns into a weirdo when the camera is on him? . . . Strange kids :-/  Those Paninis and Cappuchinos are the best ever. We are slowly working our way through the menu. Their home-made cake selection has to be seen. Has to be tasted of course too. They have heaps of games there for kids to play and several laptops. When it's raining (quite often in Wales) you could just sit there all day eating . . . No wonder I put on weight there. Even with all the walking and running about on the beach. O happy hols.

This is a bit all over the place. The photos will not just stay where I put them. I must be doing something wrong . . . but I've no idea what?
I've got a day off tomorrow. Well when I say a day off I mean Hamper G is going with Geekster and his Dad ice skating. They are taking her to see Santa so I'm on my own but I still have loads to do . . . It could wait till Monday I suppose. O yeah we've got Christmas dinner at my Brother's house tomorrow evening as we don't eat with them on Christmas day. He's a good cook, taught by me, so that's something to look forward to . . . Not cooking yet guaranteed a perfect dinner . . .mmmm. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to cooking. Eating out in Britain is often a disappointment. Or should I say it used to be. (I'm not saying it's improved . . . I've just not been out for yonks)

Praying for a peaceful day for everyone tomorrow. I've just noticed it's past 2am. Ok I'll leave the photos where they are otherwise it will be 3am and I'll be no better off. I can see me having a lazy day tomorrow . . . well I do deserve one really. It's a rarity. Good night and sweet dreams to you good folk . . .  and you bad'uns ;-)


  1. I love the pictures! Enjoy your "lazy" day tomorrow. :o)

  2. hiya, just found your blog and have joined. your profile reads well and like you, i started commenting on gledwoods and found it theraputic, so started my own blog. only got one follower, so please check me out and join if you like. merry xmas

  3. Annette,
    Thanks. Didn't quite make it "lazy" but it was quiet and that made a nice change.

    Cosmic Kate,
    Glamorous addict eh? Is that not a contradiction in terms? . . . I know I don't feel very glamorous when I'm sneezing snot down my face, wretching up florescent yellow bile, freezing cold sweat pouring out of every pore. I know that's only a part of this addiction and may not happen often (if we're lucky/organised/careful/scripted/blessed/not greedy). But I just thought it was worth mentioning . . . Probably just me being a boring old realist . . . and not a glamorous addict :-)
    I hope your blog brings you as much pleasure and support as mine does me. As you will know from your "Feedjit" (sp?) you have many more readers than followers. Take care and happy Christmas.

  4. I love your photos! It's so great that you go on adventures with your kids. I often find it hard to get money together to do anything outside the house.

    What does "criggy" mean? I did google it but I got way too many people's profiles and no actual definition.

  5. THANKS! These were great...each and every one. I love the one of the kids sleeping AFTER the two hours of jumping, the ones with YOU in them!!! and of course the dog with the glasses - what a cutie.

    Moving pics around can be a pain, but you did just fine!

  6. Susie,
    Thanks . . . The rest of the year we dont do much that involves money. ie. picnic and fishing down the canal rather than theme park. I've always tried hard to put my kids first. I know people say thats impossible if you're an addict but its not. I make sure they get one good holiday with me(they do have others with dads etc)a year. And always a really good "Criggy"! . . Christmas! I'm not sure if that's national slang, regional slang or a family word . . . probably family word knowing my Dad. We say Criggy tree, Criggy Pudding etc. I love Christmas, especially with Hamper G still being young enough to believe in Santa. She is so excited . . . They all are. should I say WE all are. I will defo post the "Criggy" photos! Nice to hear from you.I hope you're well. Take care.

  7. Barbara,
    Thats ok lovey . . I'm glad you enjoyed them. I'm gonna hijack Geekster's phone/camera for Christmas so there will be plenty more soon. I really am getting ridiculously excited :-) It could be our last Santa year . . once she gets to school and starts listening to other kids.
    We had brother's dog dressed up in Santa outfit last night as we were there for dinner. They took photos . . . Now I have to wait till they e mail them to me. Grrrrr . . . I'm so impatient about some things.

  8. Your kids are so lucky to have such a great, loving mom. I read some article somewhere recently that was based on a study of moms who are addicts, and there was no effect on the success of children if their mom is an addict. They said the main factor was not the addiction, but the poverty level.

    And yes, there's a Christmas carol that goes, "we want some Criggy pudding"...and NOW THAT MAKES SENSE TO ME!!! You've cleared up a lifetime of singing nonsensical lyrics!! THANKS!!

  9. Oh wow..classic fun on all counts..!clever way of getting kids clean too( the soap in the bag thing...very creative!) Nice to reflect on the summer now we are facing winter brrr....yep,i am getting excited too,only 2 more pressies to get.We celebrate on the 24th,being of german descent,the kids love not having to wait...!xxxxxxxx

  10. Hey Annie,
    We do both! Geekster's Dad is Swiss-German so we have Criggy eve at his with all their pressies from him . . . Then do it all again on Crig day. I'm nigh on beside meself ;-).
    Got my last two pressies today aswell . . . Massive food shop tomoz then thats it all set . . bit more cleaning to do and Hey Ho and away we go!! Hugs, love and brillo Criggo to you all. Will FB you in a bit x x

  11. Susie,
    Thanks. Yes my kids seem to do well considering . . . They get all the latest gadgets/clothes/phones etc. We eat really well too. I'm only on benefits and don't get maintenance from the Dads . . . Maybe its just good accounting, that's what I trained as originally . . . millions of moons ago!
    Glad I sorted the Criggy thing for you ;-)
    Happy Criggy! x

  12. that looks like a really good day

    hey i have to tell you this quickly as cafe is about to terminate me: found a new blog

    it's good

  13. I don't have an email for you or else I would have contacted you that way. I just wanted to check in with you and say that we are good...I may have felt defensive but you didn't say or do anything wrong. You simply shared life from your perspective and that is always ok. My feelings were my own deal. You seem to be a very high functioning drug user, I hope thats not offensive. I don't mean it to be at all... but that is not the situation with my girl. Anyway, I just wanted to touch base with you and make sure all is well. You can email me at if you would like.

  14. Annette, Thanks . . . No that's not offensive at all. Quite a compliment. Except thats how I justify my using . . . which is not Good!
    There was a time when I wasn't functining so well, before Hamper G when both boys were at school. I totally get you . . . My Mum had to move to Cyprus to avoid seeing me & Bro with rolling eyes, glazed over, skinny etc. And who can blame her really. Not I. (most of the time :-)
    I do make the effort now to keep my addiction away from my family. However thats not always possible and I'm sure it still does hurt them just knowing I'm bound by it. I so hope and pray that you & your daughter can share good times one day. With Love. Di

  15. Gledwood,
    Not sure which day cus there were lots of days . . . But they were all good.
    Good summer days . . . Goodwinter nights.
    Love it all . . . Well most of it . . . sometimes. Just slept through Emmerdale. Take care not to get terminated. x

  16. I love the praying ottter. What day was that???!?

  17. Gledwood,
    O that! That was down the canal when were fishing . . . think he was praying that we dint catch his dinner ;-)