Thursday, 22 December 2011

Three more Sleeps!!!

Ok  . . . I give up trying to put these photos where I want them. I used to do Desk Top Publishing for a printing company (17 yrs ago) on an Apple mac (the first one in town!) and you just pick the damn photo up and drag it where you want it . .  Not here you don't! 
Anyway not gonna be got down by that :-) Here's the first few of Criggy pics . .  I thought Barbara needed a laugh so here's my 6ft 5" brother in his dog's Santa outfit! Geekster wearing my "creation from a cracker"  hat that I made after a glass of wine. I used to need 2 bottles to feel it. . . . One glass now. And of course Bernie in his outfit :-) He's a lovely dog. I wasn't allowed to post the dinner picture with Stropster on  . . "I'm not having my face on your blog!!" Ok well he is 16 so I wont put that up.
 I'm not gonna edit or anything as I've heaps to get on with. I just popped by to catch up on the usual folk.
If you saw my brother 7 years ago . . well you just wouldn't believe it was the same man. There is hope. He was as bad a junkie as any I've known. Homeless most of the time. Mornings spent nicking stuff to make money to score etc etc. The usual. Often spending hours "asleep" in my bathroom with a needle hanging out his arm . . . Several prison sentences . . The last one of which he is eternally grateful  for. He is actually eternally grateful to God . . . I've asked him to put his testimony on You Tube for those who would like to hear it. For others who think its just God replacing Gear  . . . well that's ok too.  . . You don't have to watch it :-) Me (being me) can see it from both sides. I'm good like that. Ok I have to "shift it". I hate to post this in such a mess. No I really do . . It annoys me so bad that I cant arrange it how I want. Any tips on moving photos anyone? Why do they "snap" back to where they came from? I'm just gonna have to "get over it" and post it. I've 27 (?) hamsters to clean out, drug worker to see, more shopping in town to finish, the kitchen to clean and when I say clean I mean Clean! and my Chritsmas stash to resist! I didn't want to be texting "the man" every day over Crig and running out to meet him so I got some in. Now I have to stick to my "one a day". Hmmmmmm. Easily said. I can't afford to run out early so will have to "sort of" stick to it. Good job I'm a sensible user eh? Do those two words even look right together? No I thought not. O well I am. I am also putting off getting up and getting on . . .  Here goes. Huge Christmas love to you all . . . x x x


  1. Love the dog in the suit!

    Putting pictures in blogger... here is how I do it (which might not be what is the best way...) This is using the latest Blogger interface btw not the older one.

    Okay load up the photos using the upload thing. Once in you can normally type above or below them in the Compose window. Also if you click on the picture in that you get some options on resizing, justification etc. Whether you can do text flowing around I don't know anymore - there was an option for something like that on the old version...

    Anyway sometimes I do use the HTML window to move them about and adjust the text but you'll see a bunch of HTML code ... the photos are actually inserted as an <a href=... etc. bit of code so you have to pull all that to move it... if you are really brave then you could fiddle around on exact sizing etc.

  2. Furtheron,
    What am I doing still sat here? Hmmmm. Ok Thanks I will try that . . . I did click on HTML and saw all that code . . bout had heart attack! But I will try moving that about next time. I must get on . . no really ;-) Happy Christmas x

  3. You can put the youtube vid up on your blog, go on.

    I love that dog holding a koala in its nose!

  4. I would love to see the you tube video. I think God replacing addiction is a beautiful thing. ;o)

  5. Great pictures. I tend to upload and type as I go now. Formatting is difficult but better than it used to be.

    I don't understand why people are so critical of a belief in God - so what if it is a crutch? If your leg is broken, a crutch is a good thing! And if that belief is helpful then what is the problem? I think it's quite arrogant to think there is nothing bigger or better than us. And when so many millions of people have had experiences with "something" then maybe there really is "something". Religion is an attempt to explain it - and seems to generally end up as a way to control people and exploit or abuse them but that doesn't mean there wasn't "something" real in the beginning. If someone is being helped by it, it is real.

  6. Gledwood,
    I will when he's made it. He has been on the God channel -Revelations and to various churches around the country with his testimony but when I checked the archives of TV its not available. So I asked him to put it on You Tube for Barbara originally . . . But I'm sure others would be interested. It is an amazing transformation. Best of all he has never forgotten where he was . . and still relates to "us". As soon as I've nagged him into doing it I will post it. Take care x

  7. Annette,
    Yes he is certainly in a far better place than he was. That can only be a good thing.

  8. Jeannie,
    Nice to have you back . . will check if you've posted in a min.
    Totally agree. "Religion" has been given a bad name by some. Just the mention of "God" can send some running a mile . . but I think its a different thing for everyone. A very personal experience. His experience has changed him beyond belief. A true example of darkness to light if ever I saw one :-)

  9. " and my Chritsmas stash to resist! I didn't want to be texting "the man" every day over Crig and running out to meet him so I got some in. Now I have to stick to my "one a day". Hmmmmmm. Easily said. I can't afford to run out early so will have to "sort of" stick to it. Good job I'm a sensible user eh?"

    I'm speechless!!! You post pics of yourself and kids AND talk about shooting dope? I guess you don't have child protective service there--or you are too stupid to care that it is against the law to abuse and neglect kids. And don't fool yourself-- that is exactly what you do. And didn't you say that your son buys you pot? You are a washed up, haggard, junkie scum. Your kids have no chance with a mother like you.

  10. Anon. Ok I've only just seen this . . get your fucking facts right. I DONT SHOOT DOPE. If you're gonna comment fucking READ first. Yes we have Social Services here. I have had a SOCIAL WORKER IN THE PAST. MY KIDS ARE NEITHER NEGLECTED OR ABUSED. You are the one fooling yourself. Fooling yourself that you have an opinion on something you so obviously know fuck all about. I dont smoke pot, so why would my son buy it for me? . . are you even reading this blog?? If I thought I had anything to hide I would not post pics of myself and kids would I?? You cretin. My kids have the same amount of "chance" as any other kids. I don't rely on chance. I may well be washed up and haggard So fucking What? You cant even give a fucking name, let alone a photo . . So who is the sad bastard with something to hide . . eh? Wanker! Not I. For someone who is speechless you talk a lot of crap. For you to be sat there Christmas eve eve, typing out nasty comments like that to a complete stranger just about says it all . . . But in case you don't hear it . . GO FUCK YOURSELF

  11. i agree mum she is the best mother ever thankyou so piss off